Best Vegan Gift Ideas for All Walks of Life

Gift giving is a symbolic way for us to show the ones we love how much we care about them, and the more thought you put into the gift, the more special it becomes to the receiver.

Shopping for a vegan loved one makes you an even more conscious consumer, as you have to take into account their lifestyle preference to carefully choose a gift that they'll be able to use and appreciate.

Admittedly, it used to be hard to shop for vegans because the variety of vegan and cruelty-free products was so limited back in the day.

However things have since changed and thanks to the rapid growth of the vegan movement and the innovations of some bright vegan minds, there are now thousands of vegan gift ideas for you to choose from.

From clothes to shoes, accessories, beauty products, food, toys, bags and so much more. It has never been easier to shop vegan, and with all the available variety, you can easily choose something that'll resonate with your loved one's personality.

Though we would have loved to, we couldn't fit in ALL the vegan products available out there; we had to curate it somewhat to keep it simple but yet comprehensive enough for you to browse. Either way, it's a full list, that takes into account a broad range of variables, and there's something for everyone, starting with the youngest members of the family, kids.

Vegan Gifts for Children

More and more children are either growing up vegan, thanks to the successful pioneers. For example, Karen Ranzi (author of the landmark book Creating Healthy Children) raised her kids on a raw vegan diet, and they are a stellar example of what’s possible with this lifestyle.

Anyway, here are some gift ideas that vegan kids will love.​

Gummy bears have always been a childhood favorite, so it's no surprise that this mold set is loved among vegan parents and their kids. With this kit, your child can make delicious vegan gummy bear shaped candy, using the awesome vegan recipes that come with the package, and it's a great alternative to the store-bought variety.

The added advantage is that you can use your creativity with the ingredients to come up with unique flavor combinations that you'd never find with store bought gummy bears, making it an, even more, fun activity. And your child can even get their friends involved and make the whole activity the center of the party.

Needless to say, this would make a great birthday gift for any kid, not just for the fun factor, but because it'll show them how cool being vegan really is. As a parent you'll love the fact that this set is dishwasher friendly, odor and stain resistant, super easy to clean and they're BPA free which makes them an even healthier toy for your child.

These chocolate bars are an awesome vegan and cruelty-free substitute for ordinary milk-laden choc bars, plus they’re also non-GMO, gluten free and allergy free. A healthy (but decadent) treat for kids and adults alike.

This book is a fun and simple way to introduce kids to the different aspects of the vegan lifestyle. The artwork is colorful, engaging and absolutely gorgeous, and the rhymes will have your child requesting that you read this to them time and time again. An awesome contribution by renowned vegan author Ruby Roth.

Emperor penguins that live in the Arctic face ever deteriorating living conditions thanks to the activities of mankind.

And this gift is a great way for you to introduce the activism side of veganism to your child, making them conscious of the plight of other animals in the world, while empowering them with the knowledge that they too can make a difference in the world, no matter how small.

By purchasing this plush toy, your child will get to adopt a baby penguin, while contributing to the World Wildlife Foundation's efforts to 'protect the future of nature'. What a fun way to introduce kids to the adventure of conservation and activism!

Your kids don't have to feel left out of the Easter festivities, thanks to this awesome dairy free chocolate Easter egg offering. Not only is it vegan but it's made from delicious vegan ingredients like almond milk and organic cocoa. A special treat for vegan kiddos!

These are perfect for veggie kids on the go. They’re made from real fruit, 100% organic and natural with no added sugar, preservatives or colorants. Plus they’re naturally free from allergens like gluten and nuts. An excellent any-time treat, straight from nature.

Vegan Gifts for Teenagers

For that age group of young people who've outgrown their childhood and are not yet adults, here are some thoughtful vegan gift ideas for 'tweens' and teenagers.

This fun and mobile blender is a manageable machine ideal for encouraging your teenage kids to play around with vegan recipes, especially as they reach a time in their lives when they're more susceptible to peer pressure that might cause them to stray from the vegan lifestyle.

This is an especially great gift for athletic teenagers as it also comes with nutritious vegan recipes for shakes, smoothies, and dips that your kid can try out to make them fall in love with being vegan all over again.

This book discusses a usually controversial subject using witty and easy to understand language that your older teenagers can easily identify with. Perfect for book-loving girls and boys in their late teens who want to dive into more sophisticated concepts such as speciesism and the preferential treatment we give to different types of animals.

This book is guaranteed to give your teenager the confidence they need to fully express the reasoning behind their choices and the research supporting it when engaging with peers and teachers who might challenge their stance.

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A decadent treat without the cruelty. These delicious truffles are dairy free, cruelty-free and organic. They would be the perfect gift to get for a chocolate loving teenage girl, especially on her birthday.

This starter makeup kit is a great way to introduce cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics to an older teenage daughter that wants to start experimenting with makeup. The set comes with ‘how-to’ cards with simple steps that make for easy application, turning her into a pro in no time.

The easy to blend formula is light, and it will give your daughter a natural looking, airbrushed glow that she'll love. Not like some 'cakey' make-up formulas that make it look obvious that you have makeup on. So, an all round perfect intro kit for makeup newbies.

Vegan Gifts for Her

Introduce your loved one to the age-defying wonders of these luxurious anti-aging facial serums from Natural Logix. They're vegan, organic, cruelty free, paraben free and alcohol free. A worthy addition to any woman's beauty cabinet, as they're suitable for all skin types.

fully raw cacao butter

FullyRaw Rose Cacao Skin and Body Butter

Show her skin some love with this raw vegan artisan skincare range for the face and body. Handmade with love by raw vegan activist and animal lover Kristina Carillo-Bucaram, this rose cacao body butter is so good for you that it's even edible.

Every woman enjoys an ultra feminine bath time session. Help her add a spa-like ambiance with these scented vegan votive candles that last for over 50 hours and smell heavenly. They're made from organic natural soy wax and scented with tantalizing spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, clove and tart cranberries.

Also, read this article for more vegan candle options.

Urth Box Vegan

Vegan-Friendly Subscription Box

Gift your loved one with a monthly vegan subscription box where delicious and interesting vegan goodies are delivered to their doorstep.

Or if your loved one is a vegan fashionista, there are plenty of beauty box options to choose from.  These companies will deliver high quality and reputable vegan makeup brands, right to her front door.

This hair nourishing vegan shampoo and conditioner set contains organic ingredients such as grapeseed and avocado oils and rosemary extracts to gently cleanse and strengthen hair. On top of being vegan, the products do not contain any harmful ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, glycol or formaldehyde.

And because they don’t come in a gift box, you can personalize this gift with packaging that reflects the receiver's personality without giving away what’s inside.

Mueller Spiral-Ultra 4-Blade Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer

For the culinary goddess who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. She'll have endless fun making vegan pastas from spiralized zucchini, carrots, beets and cucumbers. A wonderfully thoughtful gift.

These organic and satisfying food bars are perfect for the athletic, on-the-go girl looking for a healthy treat while watching her weight. It's made with simple dried fruits and nuts and no nasty additives.

For the nature loving runners, athletic yoginis and ultramarathoners.

Use this handy machine to make healthy vegan desserts and ice cream that taste just like the dairy variety, using frozen fruit pieces, organic spices, and plant-based milk.

The cleaning afterward is effortless, and it comes with creative vegan recipes that you can try out with the kids.

Vegan Gifts for Him

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This super masculine shirt with passive aggressive messaging says it all and is great telling meat-eating gym bullies off without saying a word.

If your man's a dog lover, he'll love this gift. It's compostable dog poop bags for the health conscious dude whose dog likes to tag along on his nature hikes. And they come in vibrant man-friendly and dispenser friendly packaging that’s easy to store and carry.

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Ultra Stylish vegan and cruelty-free socks for the fashion conscious vegan male. They're made from bamboo and organic cotton which makes them anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and non-irritating, for absolute comfort and style.

A fantastic gift for active vegan males who like to smell good and feel fresh after a satisfying gym session. The zippy coffee extracts in this paraben-free and cruelty-free body wash make it a refreshing wake-me-up, and it's enriched with Vitamin B5 and Guar Gum for moisturized skin.

This is for the manly-man who likes to keep his beard well groomed and smelling great for his lady. The set comes with argan and jojoba oil, leave-in conditioner, as well as a plastic free comb that smoothly combs over beard hair without snagging or causing static.

“Eat Like you Give a Fuck,” is the pay-off line of this hilarious, sarcastic and sometimes offensive cookbook. It's filled with practical vegan recipes delivered in a no-nonsense style, and the cover is one that any guy can proudly display on his kitchen counter.

Brown Coltrane Belt by Herbivore Clothing

Coltrane Belt by Herbivore Clothing

The Coleman belt from legendary Herbivore Clothing comes in black and brown with a stylishly 'leathery' finish. It comes with a removable buckle, and unlike its leather counterparts, you won't see this belt scuffing or cracking, thanks to the super durable microfiber material it's made from, which is imported from Italy.

A luxury vegan shaving soap and aftershave set with a masculine but fragrant scent. Made with pure essential oils and botanical extracts, this set is perfect for men with a penchant for taking care of their skin.

An awesome post-workout snack, these sour shots are made with real fruit sprinkled with sour shots for guilt-free vegan and gluten free snacking. And the cute glass packaging is a plus.

Baby Shower Gifts

A play set for growing babies, toddlers, and young children. The fluffy basket comes with colorful stuffed veggie toys made with organic Egyptian cotton. A snuggly set of non-toxic toys from a fair trade company that your children will love.

If your kids are already eating paint anyway, why not get them an edible one? This wheat-free quality vegan kids paint made using natural ingredients like vegetable and fruit powders, rice cereal and rice flour.

Valentines Gifts

Looking to have the perfect vegan valentines day with your sweetheart?  Why not get them one of these gifts below...

The recipes in this beautiful vegan cookbook were created with love by famous raw vegan chef Cara Brotman, with pictures by award winning author Markus Rothkrantz.

It offers healthy, organic, raw vegan versions of or ordinarily unhealthy comfort foods such as lasagne, chocolate and cheese cakes, with things like raw vegan sushi, eggs and even bacon.

All made with natural vegan ingredients and a lot of creativity. A must have for any raw vegan food connoisseur who likes preparing simple but flavourful dishes, and it'll look great on your coffee table as well.

Or you could buy these decadent handmade truffles with a delicious Espresso flavor. This is a delicious dairy, gluten, and wheat-free treat to be enjoyed guilt-free.

Your man will love the soft and comfortable feel of these high-quality boxers with antibacterial and antifungal qualities. They’re made from bamboo, organic cotton and viscose with creative and quirky designs to boot.

Ultra Lux and Gourmet Gifts

For vegan friends and family who prefer the finer things in life…

Your loved one will love the nature inspired design of these pyramid shaped tea infusers that come cloaked in a gold line wrap featuring flavours like Blackcurrant, White ginger, Jasmine and Earl Grey.

The beautiful tin also comes with a tasting menu with details of the tea infusions and ingredients. An elegant gift for a dignified friend.

A convenient vegan cheese cookbook for creating non-dairy gourmet cheeses from scratch. It also comes with awesome starter recipes that you can play around with to create cheeses for canapés and entrées when hosting your next cocktail party. A thoughtful gift for new vegans who may be struggling with a stubborn craving for cheese, and anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of cruelty-free, guilt-free and delicious vegan cheese.

There's nothing better than enjoying an evening soaked in your favourite bath salts with relaxing music playing in the background. Now you can make the experience even more immersive with the aromatic fragrances in this black pepper Epsom salt soak with a soothing grapefruit grapefruit fragrance.

There's nothing better than enjoying an evening soaked in your favourite bath salts with relaxing music playing in the background. Now you can make the experience even more immersive with the aromatic fragrances in this black pepper Epsom salt soak with a soothing grapefruit grapefruit fragrance.

gourmet vegan snacks

Gourmet Vegan Snacks Basket

Gift bags to choose from on this website include tantalizing things like 'Sweet and Savoury Vegan Delights' and 'Organic Snacks on the Run.'

Inside you'll find a diverse assortment of exclusive sweet and savory treats like organic vegan chocolate, exotic fruit, and nut mixes, organic dried tomatoes 'chips with no flavorings or additives and chocolate and mint flavored cookies, all made with organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Yes it is a bit pricey, but doesn't it all sound so delicious?

The Natural Daily Shampoo from Puracy is natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable; Certified Cruelty-Free - Never Tested on Animals; And Made in the USA!

Enjoy melt-in-your mouth moments with these vegan snack bars, literally made from four simple ingredients, namely cashews, organic chocolate chips, sea salt and delicious dates, all blended for a healthy and scrumptious snack. The perfect on-the-go snack for that vegan friend who likes to keep indulgent snacks in her designer purse.  For more info on Larabar, be sure to read our review.

Vegan Books to Gift

Books are always a great fit to give to your vegan loved one. As veganism continues to grow, so does the amount of recipes and information available. The following 3 are just the tip of the iceberg. To go down the rabbit hole, be sure to check our huge lists of vegan books and vegan cookbooks.

A highly useful guide to creating your favorite soul food recipes without the unhealthy animal ingredients. Give this to a friend who genuinely enjoys cooking for recipes to fat-free vegan soul food made with healthy ingredients and very minimal salt.

This is a thoughtful and well-researched book that contains a range of diverse parenting related topics from preconception to vaccination, breastfeeding, vitamins, skin-to-skin contact and other aspects of attachment parenting. It presents a compelling argument using a combination of scientific facts and heart-warming stories from families who've tried and trusted the approaches discussed.

A perfect gift for a vegan friend or a vegan couple that's trying for kids, and they don't have to be 'raw' vegan to enjoy it.

This is a classic of the vegan literary canon and provides a well researched but basic and easy to understand introduction to the animal liberation movement and the principles underpinning it.


With such a wide selection of gift ideas to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for every member of the family, and for every imaginable occasion. Whether you’re looking for an intelligent gift for the thinking woman, a colorful gift for a playful toddler or a manly gift for your vegan and eco-conscious dad, this list has it all.

But it’s by no means exhaustive. And as you do more research and online shopping you’ll find that shopping vegan and cruelty free can be an absolute breeze.

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