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If you use a lot of heat styling, have hair that tangles easily, or just want to provide your locks with an extra dose of moisture, a good leave-in conditioner can be a wise addition to your beauty routine.

These light, often inexpensive products carry out a multitude of functions that all contribute to repairing and nourishing hair long after your shower ends.

While all hair types can benefit from the moisture and protection afforded by leave-in conditioners, these products are especially important for people with curly or kinky hair, whose hair follicles require more moisture than other hair types.

People living a plant-based lifestyle have no shortage of options when it comes to leave-in conditioner – in fact, plants are great sources of moisture and nourishment for hair, in addition to being friendly to the animals and our planet.

The leave-in conditioners below are entirely plant-based and are not tested on animals. Consider your hair type, the climate you live in, and your hair’s individual needs for moisture and heat protection, and choose from our list of favorites below.

Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner

1. Original Sprout Leave-In Conditioner

A favorite product for thick, curly hair that tangles easily, Original Sprout’s leave-in conditioner contains natural ingredients and is entirely free of hormone disrupters.

When applied to damp hair, it fortifies hair, tames frizz, and protects against the sun and environmental damage.

Because it’s all-natural, the formula can be used on small children, and many reviewers note this product to be ideal for children with long hair that tangles easily, as it is an extremely effective detangler – no more tears during brushing!

Adult users of the product also love how silky and soft it leaves hair throughout the day.

The formula is free of sulfates, gluten, soy, and dairy, and comes in a 12 fl. Oz. Bottle with pump.  It is safe to use on color-treated hair.

What We Love

This leave-in conditioner is worth it for its detangling properties alone – if you’ve ever tried to brush a child’s long hair, you know what a nightmare it can be to detangle after a long night of sleep or a nap. Original Sprout’s formula makes for a smoother, more pleasant brushing experience, and greatly reduces tangles throughout the day and night.

What We Didn’t Like

Some reviewers note this product has a strong, off-putting scent, so if you or your child are particularly sensitive to fragrances, you may find this blend a little too harsh.

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Dr. Bronner's - Organic Hair Crème (Lavender Coconut, 6 Ounce) - Leave-In Conditioner and Styling Cream, Made with Organic Oils, Hair Cream Supports Shine and Strength, Nourishes Scalp, Non-GMO

2. Dr. Bronner's Lavender Coconut Hair Creme

A favorite household name for vegans and eco-conscious shoppers alike, Dr. Bronner’s hair creme is a light styler free of animal products, synthetic detergents, preservatives, or GMOS.

Each of the naturally derived ingredients plays a role in hair health – organic coconut oil leaves hair shiny and soft, while jojoba oil provides excellent manageability and texture.

The product, which contains a total of seven pronounceable ingredients, is certified vegan by Vegan Action and is certified organic by the USDA National Organic Program, making it an ideal addition to your green shopping list.

It is also certified fair trade by IMO, meaning you can rest assured the people who gather these ingredients are paid a fair wage.

The product comes in a 6 fl. Oz. Bottle with pump.

What We Love

Users with frizzy, curly hair sing the praises of Dr. Bronner’s leave-in creme – it leaves even the most unruly hair soft, lightly scented, and frizz-free. Additionally, a small amount of product goes a long way, so it saves you money in the long run, as it doesn’t need to be replaced as frequently as other products.

What We Didn’t Like

Users with thinner, finer hair found this formula to be a little too heavy for use as a leave-in treatment. If your hair isn’t thick and curly, use a very small (⅛-¼ teaspoon) amount, or opt for a product more suitable for fine hair.

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Mega Moisture Leave-In Conditioner (Packaging May Vary)

3. Acure Argan Oil Leave-in Conditioner

With a light, weightless formula, Acure’s leave-in conditioner with argan oil and argan ​extract is perfect for all hair types, from fine and straight to thick and curly.

In addition to being incredibly versatile, Acure’s formula is also a wise choice for those with sensitivities, or who just want to make green, eco-friendly choices, in addition to avoiding animal products and testing.

Powered by Moroccan argan oil and ​argan ​extract, the formula is designed to protect hair at the cellular level, strengthening the root bulb while providing body and shine to each strand of hair.

It provides superior hydration and protection, without weighing your hair down, making it a good choice for people in hot and humid climates, or with thin hair that can get greasy from heavier products.

Acure’s leave-in conditioner is free of gluten, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicone, and synthetic fragrances.

It’s 100% biodegradable, vegan, and safe to use on color-treated hair.

What We Love

The versatility of this product is perhaps its best feature – even users with fine, straight hair got great results, including detangling, and imparting softness and shine. It is especially effective on frustrating frizz.

What We Didn’t Like

The product has a strong lemon​ smell, which some users thought was harsh and overpowering – even those who are not typically sensitive to fragrance. Additionally, some users found that the formula was not effective enough, considering the higher price point.

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Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, 7 oz, 2 pk

4. Alba Botanica Fragrance-Free Leave-in Conditioner

The leave-in conditioner from Alba Botanica is a lipid-rich formula, harnessing the power of nourishing coconut oil and protective antioxidants to repair dry, damaged, and color-treated hair.

This product contains all the good stuff, but leaves out the bad – the formula is fortified with herbal extracts, botanical oils, and plant proteins, but is completely free from sulfates, parabens, preservatives, phthalates, artificial colors, and silicones.

It contains 100% vegetarian ingredients and does not use animal testing.

Althaea Officinalis, or flowering marshmallow, is the star of this leave-in conditioner, providing properties that seal in moisture for supple, shiny hair.

Moringa Seed micro-proteins also provide superior defense against the sun and environmental damage, making it ideal for damaged and dry hair, or hair that has been colored.

The product is available in a 7 fl. Oz. squeeze tube, and has a neutral fragrance.

What We Love

Good for thick and fine hair alike, reviewers love the creamy, luxurious texture of the product, which dries light in hair. The coconut oil in the formula is super effective, and is one of the best frizz-reducers out there.

What We Didn’t Like

Users with 3a/b type hair found this formula to cause frizz, disrupt curl formation, and an overall dry, sticky feeling.

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Beauty Without Cruelty - Conditioner Leave-In 8.5 Fz

5. Beauty Without Cruelty Revitalize Leave-in Conditioner

The Revitalize Leave-in conditioner from Beauty Without Cruelty maximizes hair’s shine and manageability, in addition to providing all-day protection from environmental elements, chemical treatments, and heat styling.

The formula combines Provitamin B5 and jojoba oil with aromatherapeutic essential oils to create an effective leave-in conditioner for all hair types.

The product helps prevent split ends and control frizz with powerful ingredients, but won’t dull or weigh down hair, so it’s perfect for everyday use. The formula uses 100% vegan ingredients, and the company itself is Leaping Bunny Certified and certified vegan by the Vegan Society.

The conditioner utilizes 100% pure premium Oshadhi essential oils, is pH balanced, and is free from parabens and synthetic fragrances. It is available in a one- or two-pack of 8.5 fl. Oz bottles.

What We Love

Reviewers with fine hair noted this product is perfect – effective enough to reduce frizz and provide moisture, but not so heavy to weigh down strands or make a greasy look.

What We Didn’t Like

Users with especially frizzy hair found that this product did not help tame the unruliness – this is a great choice for moderate frizz, but may be too light for those with especially frizzy locks.

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All Natural Leave In Conditioner Cream - Vegan Anti Frizz Moisturizer Hair Care Repair Detangler with Olive Oil for Dry Damaged Curly Wavy or Straight Hair

6. Aya Natural Leave-in Conditioner

With an olive, jojoba, coconut, and rosemary oil blend, the hair care cream from Aya Naturals keeps hair well nourished and hydrated long after your shower is finished.

These plant-based ingredients come together to combat frizz, damage, and dryness without the use of harsh parabens, sulfates, or alcohol. It is an especially good choice for people looking to add shine and luster to dull hair.

Aya Natural leave-in conditioner works from the root up, soothing the scalp and strengthening the hair shaft to truly repair and protect existing and growing hair. The formula is cruelty-free, and PETA approved so you can feel good about the source and creation process of your purchase.

Aya believes that products which are not edible should not be applied to the skin, so you can trust that this formula is safe and suitable for use around children.

The 8.1 fl. Oz bottle comes with a convenient hand pump to provide a small amount of product to work through damp or dry hair, for maximum styling customizability.

What We Love

Aya’s leave-in conditioner provides unmatched shine, making strands brighter and more lustrous, even after color treatment or use of harsh chemical products. It’s also a great detangler, making hair easy to brush and comb after washing.

What We Didn’t Like

Some reviewers found the smell of this product to be overpowering, and people with frizzy hair were disappointed in the effectiveness as a method of frizz control.

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Malibu C Leave-In Conditioner Hair Mist (9 oz)

7. Malibu Leave-in Mist Conditioner

While leave-in conditioners dispensed in a pump can feel heavy on the hair, Malibu’s leave-in conditioner comes in a convenient spray bottle to mist onto hair for as light or as heavy of an application as necessary for your hair type.

The formula uses gluten-free plant proteins to penetrate deep into the hair shaft and hydrate and detangle to reveal the hair’s natural softness and shine.

The conditioner is a weightless, pH-balanced thermal protector that also defends against harmful UV rays. The formula is light enough to use daily, to strengthen and protect hair from environmental elements, sun damage, and heat styling.

The convenient spray bottle contains 8 fl. Oz. of formula, which lasts a long time given the small amount of product required per application.

What We Love

An absolutely tiny amount of formula is necessary for detangling and softness – even users who frequently swim in chlorinated pools found this leave-in conditioner to leave hair healthy and soft, in spite of the harsh chemicals their hair was exposed to.

What We Didn’t Like

Users with thick, curly hair may find this product too gentle to provide detangling and frizz protection – it is best suited for people with fine, straight or wavy hair, who experience mild to moderate frizz, and who have smaller requirements for moisture.

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All-Day Hair Protection

Leave-in conditioner can provide your hair with all-day hydration, nourishment, and protection, hours after your shower has ended.

Depending on your hair type and moisture needs, there are a variety of products available, from gentle, misted detangling formulas, to luxurious, creamy blends meant to tame excessive frizz.

Regardless of your needs, there are plenty of options on the market for plant-based formulas that don’t use cruel animal testing during processing.

Think about your hair type and the functions you need your leave-in conditioner to perform, and consider adding this under-appreciated hair product to your beauty routine.

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