A Guide to Vegan Birth Control

vegan birth control

On the whole, going vegan is straightforward. Swap your cow’s milk for almond milk, switch to cruelty-free makeup, and replace those snakeskin shoes in your closet with animal-free alternatives. But what about your birth control? It’s possible that this hasn’t even crossed…

Vegan Sandals: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Men & Women

TOMS Santiago Mens Vegan Flip-Flops

The vegan culture has spent decades trying to get on its feet. It was only a couple decades ago that the idea of ‘going vegan’ was unrealistic for a lot of people. The sentiment was nice, but the difficulty involved in making such a big lifestyle adjustment wasn’t practical…

Vegan Rain Boots: Your Best Guide to Cruelty-Free Dry Feet

Roma Womens Vegan Rain Boots

Why Vegan Rain Boots? I suppose the answer to that is the same as why you choose to live this lifestyle. You’re opposed to animal cruelty, and you’re committed to only supporting and using products that don’t condone animal suffering in any way. If you’re also interested in…

Vegan Uggs: 10 Stylish Alternatives for Cruelty-Free Feet

PawJ Vegan Boots

UGGs have been the center of attention of many shoppers, ever since they joined the market. Their soft interior and fashionable designs have made them desirable by women of all ages. What many people don’t know, is that the production of UGGs involves methods that are not…

Planning the Perfect Vegan Valentines Day

Vegan Valentines

While we should celebrate love every day of the year, it’s nice to have an occasion to spoil your sweetheart. Whether you choose to go out to to eat, exchange gifts, or just spend time together, it’s possible to celebrate while staying true to your vegan values. And, it’s easy to do!

Best Vegan Gift Ideas for All Walks of Life


Gift giving is a symbolic way for us to show the ones we love how much we care about them, and the more thought you put into the gift, the more special it becomes to the receiver. Shopping for a vegan loved one makes you an even more conscious consumer, as you…