Vegan Rain Boots: Your Best Guide to Cruelty-Free Dry Feet

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We have a love-hate relationship with the rain. Our mood kind of alternates back and forth, depending on the type of rain we’re getting.

We LOVE the smell in the air after a good downpour.

We HATE that stuck-inside feeling when it’s a serious storm.

We LOVE the idea of skipping in puddles with a sweetheart while enjoying the patter of raindrops.

We HATE cold water dripping down our necks after the wind upturns our umbrellas.

We LOVE that fresh feeling of a cleansing rain, washing away all the impurities in the air. We LOVE the sound of rain hitting the rooftop as we lay in bed, cuddled up snugly in our beds. We LOVE the ferocity of a good thunderstorm, as long as we’re safe inside while it’s happening.

And we ESPECIALLY LOVE the chance to put on our new rain boots.

If you’ve adopted this lifestyle of saying ‘No’ to animal products, you’ll soon realize just how many everyday objects you use that contain a substance derived from animals.

But you don’t need to worry about that with this new selection of vegan rain boots. No animal products here. Just cool, comfortable, cozy boots.

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Why Vegan Rain Boots?

I suppose the answer to that is the same as why you choose to live this lifestyle. You’re opposed to animal cruelty, and you’re committed to only supporting and using products that don’t condone animal suffering in any way.

If you’re also interested in making a stand against animal products in your footwear, here’s what you should know…

The History of Rain Boots

Gum boots, galoshes, “wellies,” or water shoes, rain boots can be known by different names around the world. They were first popularized by the Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley.

The first boots were a modified version of boots used by the upper class. It was mostly made from calfskin leather, a practice that should be upsetting in today’s standards. The fashion of the day required a boot that could withstand the rigors of riding and rough roads, and also be worn to dinners and events.

Thus was born the rain boot.

It wasn’t too long afterward that Mr. Goodyear, who was experimenting with vulcanized rubber, made an entirely rubber boot that could be worn by farmers who, up until then, wore open clog-type shoes. The dry foot was (naturally) a huge advantage and selling point.

It became even more popular when the Hunter brand was asked to provide over 1 million pair of rubber boots to the fighting forces of World War 1.

Because rubber rain boots are so much more functional and animal-friendly than leather boots, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why these vegan rain boots shouldn’t be on everyone’s wish list.

Before Buying a Pair…

If you’re in the market for vegan rain boots, not all boots are easily identified as being vegan. It’s tricky to figure out.

Find boots that are made from rubber or synthesized rubber. A fully rubber boot doesn’t use any animal products and is safely considered vegan.

Also, watch for insoles and inserts. The insole and inserts sometimes use wool or fur to line the insides. Faux-fur and cotton insoles are considered vegan-friendly.

Always contact the manufacturer if you can’t figure out if it’s vegan. One brand of rain boots, Hunter, has a great range of boots, but nothing on their site talks about whether the boots at vegan-friendly. Upon contacting the customer care center, they will quickly inform you that their boots cannot be considered as vegan. You can’t find any mention on the Hunter site of the type of animal products they use, but that’s what they have advised.

But never you mind. We’ve done the research for you. Here’s our selection of the best vegan rain boots you can find online.

Our Favorite Vegan Rain Boot Brands

Bogs Women's Rider Emboss Fashion Rain Boot,Black,9 M US

Bogs Women's Rider Emboss Fashion Rain Boot

Our eyes were immediately drawn to this Bogs boot, simply because it looks amazing. Amazeballs was a word thrown around actually. The Bogs boot retains that classic boot look with an added bit of embossing.

Dress like a boss with the Emboss model, a vegan rain boot that has a durable and well-tested rubber make. The embossed design and the rivets on the top make this a great choice for a rainy day or an evening out. It’s a classy look that serves a function as well. What a duo!

The stretchy rubber has an excellent fit as well. Don’t worry too much about fitting into them because they’ll accommodate you, rather than the other way around.

What We Liked

The fashion forward look is always great in a rain boot. Fancy Wellies are hot right now. We also like the durable and tested rubber that stretches to meet your feet.

What We Didn’t Like

Compared to other rain boots, the price can seem a bit steep. If you’re prepared to pay the cost for fashion, it shouldn’t worry you that much. Also, it’s had a couple bad raps online about those with high arches. They don’t suit all feet problems and can cause pain to those with support issues. If you’re concerned, use an insert to combat that issue.

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Dr. Martens unisex adult Vegan 1460 Combat Boot, Black, 9 Women 8 Men US

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boot

Remember how cool you were back in junior high with your new Doc Martens? Well, we sure do. We loved our old Doc Martens, but we lost them to history so many years ago.

So imagine our delight upon finding these Dr. Marten 1420 boots in a vegan-friendly format. It’s not your typical rain boot, but your feet will remain dry in this classic looking boot.

The Dr. Marten brand has been around for what feels like decades (because it has been decades), so you know they’ll be a great boot. They keep you in fashion, they feel great even after a long day, and your feet remain dry without any issue at all.

The synthetic sole and insole are fabulous for you if you’re concerned about animal products being used. There’s a good chance that you’ll want to reclaim your youth with these rain boots. You’ll also be keeping them for years as many people talk fondly about how many seasons these Dr. Marten boots have kept them dry and warm.

What We Liked

I mean, c’mon, these are Doc Martens! You can’t beat a great looking boot. We also love that they’re so sturdy and reliable as a boot. You’ll probably own these for years to come.

What We Didn’t Like

If we had to nitpick, we’re not a fan of the short boot style. If you’re working in damp conditions or muddy fields, it’s not going to offer you excellent protection. But if you live in the city, you shouldn’t have an issue with that.

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Vivobarefoot Women Waterloo Knee High Rain Boot Shoe, Black Dot, 43 EU/US 11.5

Vivobarefoot Women's Waterloo Rain Boot

A good wide-fitting boot that should accommodate all users. This vegan rain boot even comes with a free return and exchange on sizing and colors if you’re not immediately happy.

Vivobarefoot has worked hard to give you an option in the vegan boot market that is comfortable and sturdy. It is fully rubber from heel to lip. The patented technology keeps it lightweight and easy to wear without causing any weariness to your feet.

The boot comes in a few different color options. Mix and match what works best for you and give yourself the freedom to exchange it if you’re not satisfied.

What We Liked

This boot is fun. It’s a fun pattern and feels great to wear. It makes us want to wear it even if the forecast is clear skies for days. We love the free return policy because buying boots online can be hard.

What We Didn’t Like

The price point can seem a bit steep, compared to other brands. We don’t love that they removed the option to get solid colors. If you don’t LOVE patterns, you’re not going to be a fan of these boots. n to get solid colors. If you don’t LOVE patterns, you’re not going to be a fan of these boots.

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Earth Womens Fashion Mid Calf Boots Size 5 M ELITEYL Elite Yellow Synthetic

Earth Elite Vegan Rain Boot

The Earth brand is respected here for providing a good name to vegan products. They don’t mess around when it comes to this vegan boot.

The Elite Boot is a classic style of rain boot you’ll be familiar with. It works as a great fashion statement with its distinctive bright yellow color. It’s also very effective at keeping the dryness in and the moisture out.

The high boots do fit as you’d expect, a problem many people encounter when buying boots online. The tapered thighs and ankles can present problems normally, but this boot seems to have got that sorted out.

The microfiber inside will be comfortable on your feet. So if you’re out in the garden, or you have a long trudge home through puddles and drizzles, the boot should protect your feet from wear and tear.

What We Liked

We’re fans of the price of these boots. A good vegan rain boot can be pricey, so we’re glad that it comes in at a price that everybody can afford. We also like the respect it has online, garnering a good amount of reviews. It doesn’t hurt to have the Earth brand behind it, backing up its vegan claims.

What We Didn’t Like

Some reviews complain of defective seals between the sole and the boot. But if you encounter any issues, we’d advise sending them back for a replacement. We’d love to see more promotion of the materials used to make it vegan, but it’s listed as a rubber boot with a microfiber insole.

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Jambu Women's Dover-Vegan Rain Boot, Black Patent, 7.5 M US

Jambu Women's Dover Rain Boot

If you’re just not happy with a standard boot look, take a peek at the Jambu Dover vegan boot. It looks unique, and you’re certainly not going to misplace these puppies.

The Jambu design is different, but its function hasn’t changed. These boots keep your feet warm while also maintaining a solid vegan make that doesn’t include any form of animal products. Give yourself a gift, no, a treat with these fantastic and whimsical boots.

What We Liked

We just love the option to get something different, and that’s what this boot promises. We also love having a fashionable boot that looks more “avant-garde” than “have-a-garden.” We also love that it’s made from reused and reclaimed materials. Saving the world, one cool boot at a time.

What We Didn’t Like

If money is an issue, don’t bother. We don’t love the price. It’s a commitment, but then so is all fashion. We also don’t love the traction on this boot. If you live in a cold climate, you might have trouble on the ice and snow.

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No products found.

No products found.

Sheikh boots are completely functional and without any added fuss. They’re perfect for the suburban mom who writes shopping lists that she sticks to. They get it done with no more and less on the boot.

The Boot has a high profile, keeping all splashes out and has an adjustable buckle that you can tighten up if you have thinner calves. Perfect for working out in the garden beds.

Some recipients online complain about the boot because it doesn’t suit walking long distances. If you need something that you can use every day, we’d steer away from this brand. But if you need a pair you can toss on before you go out to do some weeding, keep these by the back door.

What We Liked

This boot has everything and nothing you don’t. It’s not costly because it doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles that other boots do. We also love that price. A functional boot at a great price? Can’t beat that.

What We Didn’t Like

It does seem flimsy if you’re expecting to do any walking in it. We wouldn’t recommend taking this out on a stroll. We wouldn’t use it for anything other than a spare pair of vegan boots that to their duty, and nothing more.

No products found.

Dansko Kids Green Frogs Vicki Vegan Rain Boot 28 B(M) US

Dansko Vicki Vegan Rain Boot (For Kids)

Just because you’re choosing a great vegan rain boot doesn’t mean your kids should miss out either. That’s what the folks at Dansko thought as well. They introduced this cute rain boot for kids that will also meet your expectations of a vegan lifestyle.

The frog pattern on the boot is so nice you’ll probably get envious of them. Also, Dansko boots have been well received online for excellent foot support. If your young one has any troubles finding a good boot, look no further than the Dansko brand.

It’s not the high boot you might need if you were living out in the country, but it’s ideal for city life and walking down the road to school on a drizzly day.

What We Liked

We just love there’s an addition to the boot market that’s specifically designed for kids. There are no adult sizes. Believe us, we checked! We also loved the cute pattern that doesn’t make it feel like you’re buying a serious boot for serious boot business.

What We Didn’t Like

This actually comes in at the top end of pricing, so it’s not great if you’re on a tight budget. The short boot style won’t do much for heavy rain conditions and thick, muddy fields.

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Sweets From the Earth

ROMA Women’s Rain Boots (Short)

It’s so much fun browsing the Roma site, and we’re glad we stumbled across this boot in our travels.

The Roma Short boot is going to be your new favorite. Cast aside the heels and flats because this boot goes with just about anything. It’s made from a natural rubber and a cotton lining. Safe for the animals, good for your feet. That’s a win-win we can get behind.

The lining is also formatted to be quick drying, so you won’t need to worry about wet feet, even in the worst conditions. We’re not saying you can handle a hurricane in these boots, but maybe a Category 3 cyclone or tropical typhoon.

The multi-layered sole is designed to feel fantastic. It’s no fun to wear something stylish if you can’t be comfortable doing so. Your feet will thank you for this purchase.

What We Liked

We wholeheartedly get behind this boot because it’s functional as well as great to wear with, well, anything. You’re going to love it for that too.

But our main love of this boot is that for every boot they sell, a rain boot pair is donated to a child in poverty. Roma believes in social justice, and that’s a great reason to get behind them.

What We Didn’t Like

If we had to be picky, it’s that it’s not easy to find it online. They have their website, but you can’t find it easily on Amazon as you can with other brands. Customer reviews seem scarce so you can’t get a great outside opinion on them.

Check Prices at

These Boots Are Made For Walking

If you’ve made the leap, and you’re committed to getting a good pair of vegan rain boots, don’t settle for anything less than perfect.

There are enough options for you to find the right one, and even options for your kids. You shouldn’t ever have to compromise just because you want to refrain from using animal products. At least now you can have a clear conscience as well as dry, comfortable feet all year round.

You’ll be eagerly awaiting the weatherman to tell you showers are on the way. But rain boots aren’t just for the rain anymore. So wear your next pair proudly, rain or shine.

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