14 Best Vegan Lip Liner Brands [Cruelty-Free]

Hey! Let’s find the PERFECT vegan lip liner for you! Lip liners are great for ensuring your lipstick lasts all day and does not bleed. There’s a huge range of brands and colors available, so we have put together our top 5 to help you choose which is best for you.

15 Best Vegan Cereal Brands to Start Your Day!

Cereal is really the unsung hero of breakfast. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more delicious, filling breakfast that can go from pantry to mouth in less time. With just the addition of your favorite non-dairy milk, you can have a complete meal before work or school, even…

16 Best Vegan Face Mask Brands [Cruelty-Free]

Nothing says “pampering” more than a face mask. When I picture a spa treatment, the first image that comes to mind has three components: hair wrapped up in a towel, cucumber slices over the eyes, and a luxurious mask spread over the face. In addition to bringing the spa home, face masks can…

8 Best Vegan Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are such a fun treat and have a warm place in my heart. Every summer when my family would go camping, my best friend always tagged along. Around midday, we’d take a bike ride to the little campground supply store and load up on all the gummy candies. Sour straws…

18 Best Vegan Toothpaste Brands [Cruelty-Free]

Finding a natural, cruelty-free, and vegan toothpaste can be challenging. From sidestepping preservatives and harsh chemicals to avoiding brands that test on animals, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a paste that not only fits within your budget but also reflects your beliefs and lifestyle.

13 Best Vegan Eyeshadow Palettes [Cruelty-Free]

Eyeshadow can make or break a particular makeup look – a light, shimmery powder over the whole lid can create a fresh, put-together look for running errands, while a dramatic smoky eye really pumps up the volume on a date night outfit. Some people have a whole host…

18 Best Vegan Hairsprays [Cruelty Free]

The mere mention of hair spray can conjure up images of the 80’s – huge, crunchy hair that doesn’t seem to move, even in beach-level wind. Luckily for us (and our hair), the times have changed, and the focus is now on products that hold a style but still look natural.

12 Best Vegan Baby Shampoos [Cruelty-Free]

Finding an inexpensive cruelty-free shampoo suitable for the entire family can be a complicated process. There are many shampoos on the market today that are deemed safe for babies, however, knowing which ones are both…

20 Best Vegan Shampoos (Something For Every Hair Type)

Whether you have long flowing locks, a short, spunky bob, or even a perfect little pixie cut, we all have the same goal in mind for our hair. We want it soft, shiny, smooth, and just overall healthy. That being said, though, everybody’s hair is completely…

10 Best Vegan Tinted Moisturizers [Cruelty-Free]

In the middle of summer, at the beach, at the gym, or just for every day – tinted moisturizers are designed for days when you want a lightweight, natural looking base that nourishes and protects your skin while you wear it. There’s a whole host of vegan beauty products out there, and luckily.