A Guide to Vegan Birth Control

vegan birth control

On the whole, going vegan is straightforward. Swap your cow’s milk for almond milk, switch to cruelty-free makeup, and replace those snakeskin shoes in your closet with animal-free alternatives. But what about your birth control? It’s possible that this hasn’t even crossed…

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5 Best Organic Vegan Pea Protein Powders

pea protein powder

While certainly not required for a vegan diet, protein powder can be an effective supplement for those looking to lose weight and build muscle on a plant-based lifestyle. In recent years, as the popularity of vegan diets (and food allergies) has risen, plenty of plant-based…

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The 21 Best Non Dairy Vegan Ice Cream Brands

So Delicious Non Dairy Ice Cream

Before going vegan, I worked in ice cream. I started my day making at least ten flavors. Pouring buckets of cream into ice cream makers, decorating it with chunky handfuls of toppings, and finally rippling in sugary sauces. So, I know ice cream intimately, and before…

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The Best e.l.f Primer for YOUR Skin Type

elf primer - prep and balm

Just like primer for paint, makeup primer creates a smooth, even canvas for makeup application. Whether you prefer a full face of makeup, or keep it simple with some foundation and mascara, primer combats slipping and shine, keeping your look fresh all day long. Primer isn’t…

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