Are Ring Pops Vegan?

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Answer: Inconclusive

Ring Pops are generally considered vegan, as they have been included on many lists of vegan-friendly candies.

Ring Pop Ingredients

The ingredients in a classic Ring Pop, such as the cherry variety, include:

  • Sugar
  • Corn Syrup
  • Buffered lactic acid
  • Natural and artificial flavors
  • Pear juice concentrate
  • Red 3
  • Blue 1

None of these ingredients are explicitly animal-derived. However, there are a few points of contention that might make some vegans hesitate.

Ingredients of Concern


The sugar used in Ring Pops may have been processed using bone char, an animal-derived substance used to whiten sugar. If you maintain strict avoidance of any animal-derived products, you might want to avoid Ring Pops.

Natural Flavors

The term “natural flavors” is also ambiguous, as it could come from either plant or animal sources. While Ring Pops are generally accepted as vegan, this uncertainty may cause some vegans to exclude Ring Pops as their go-to vegan treat.

Red 3

The red dye used in Ring Pops, Red 3, is vegan as it is derived from coal tar, not insects like some other red dyes. However, it’s worth noting that the FDA has banned Red 3 in some applications due to health concerns.

Ring Pop Gummies

It’s also important to note that while traditional Ring Pops are generally considered vegan-friendly, Ring Pop Gummies are not. They contain gelatin, a protein derived from animal parts.


Whether Ring Pops are considered vegan can depend on how strictly one adheres to a vegan lifestyle. If you’re uncomfortable with the ambiguity of some ingredients or the potential use of bone char in sugar processing, there are plenty of vegan-certified candies out there that can serve as alternatives.

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