10 Delectable Vegan Quiche Recipes Without Tofu

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Quiche is the ultimate impressive brunch food – a perfect way to start your Sunday.

Is there anything more elegant than tender, savory filling chock full of veggies in a flaky crust?

Though the traditional recipe calls for eggs, it’s easy to veganize quiche. By using a plant-based food for the eggs, it becomes a vegan dish – not to mention, a whole lot healthier.

There are many vegan quiche recipes that call for tofu instead of eggs, due to its texture and nutrition. However, there are plenty of vegans unable or unwilling to consume soy products.

Does this mean you have to choose between a vegan diet and a luxurious brunch?

Absolutely not!

There are plenty of eggless quiche recipes out there without any trace of tofu.

Here are my 10 favorite vegan quiche recipes – though I often use them more like guidelines. I like to change up the veggies to what’s in season (or starting to wilt in my fridge).

Whichever you choose, I guarantee it will make a perfect centerpiece for your next brunch!

1. No-Tofu Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

No-Tofu Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

This quiche from The Lusty Vegan uses chickpea flour as the base for the filling.

Chewy and creamy, this provides the same “bounce” you’d expect from baked eggs. Chickpea flour is also affordable, and you can find it in ethnic stores or many supermarkets.

Kama Namak, or black salt, provides the eggy taste in this quiche. You only need a pinch, so look for it in the bulk food section of the grocery store.

Chef Ayinde uses spinach and mushrooms, one of my all-time favorite flavor combos. These ingredients are common, cheap, and available year-round.

This recipe makes about four hearty servings.

​Full Recipe available at ​veganoutreach.org

2. Mixed Veggie Quiche

Mixed Veggie Quiche

The quiche recipe from One Green Planet also uses chickpea flour for the savory filling. It also features colorful veggies like red onion, tomato, zucchini, and mushrooms.

The recipe includes a healthy homemade pie crust made with spelt flour. However, many store-bought pie crusts are “accidentally” vegan, so you can use one if you’re busy.

Don’t forget to read the ingredients!

The recipe also features a vegan favorite – nutritional yeast. This adds a golden color to the filling and gives it a pleasing “cheesy” element. Nutritional yeast also provides a healthy dose of Vitamin B12 in each serving!

You can eat this quiche hot from the oven, or cold.

​Full Recipe available at ​onegreenplanet.org

3. Quiche Florentine

Quiche Florentine

The Quiche Florentine from Follow Your Heart is my go-to breakfast when I have company. Rich and creamy, this filling uses FYH’s VeganEggs.

Vegan butter, coconut creamer, and vegan provolone make this recipe incredibly rich. It’s a good way to introduce omnivores to vegan breakfasts, or for a special occasion.

The recipe calls for a package of frozen spinach, but you could use fresh, or any chopped greens you have on hand.

I like this recipe because it’s impressive but easy. The process itself is straightforward, and using frozen pie crust saves time.

Make this quiche on the weekend and heat it up before work for a taste of midweek luxury.

With veggies like peppers and tomatoes, this quiche is a great summer breakfast. I like to make one or two on the weekend and eat a slice cold for breakfast or lunch with a side salad.

​Full Recipe available at followyourheart.com

4. Gourmet Vegan “Can’t Tell the Difference” Quiche

Gourmet Vegan Cant Tell the Difference Quiche

The Vegan Household recipe uses chickpea flour, stock, and spices for a savory filling. The addition of roasted cauliflower adds plenty of oomph to the quiche.

I love this recipe because it makes big, hearty slices. There’s a time and place for a delicate, dainty quiche. However, when I’m not cooking for company, I like a nice hearty slice.

The recipe gives the option for homemade crust or store bought so you can determine the level of effort you put into it.

The slices of tomato on top are sweet and delicious, in addition to looking beautiful!

​Full Recipe available at theveganhousehold.com

5. Oil Free Vegan Quiche

Oil Free Vegan Quiche

Cooking without oil is a small step you can take to reduce calories without much change in flavor.

Plantopia Kitchen’s vegan quiche is free from tofu, nuts, and added oils. However, it’s certainly not lacking in flavor. The recipe calls for a colorful mix of broccoli, onion, spinach, and tomatoes, but you can use any mix you like.

The chickpea flour base uses apple sauce for a low-calorie alternative to oil. Don’t worry; you can’t taste it! It will only add moisture to the dish.Plantopia Kitchen makes this in a big casserole dish, which I love. The lack of a crust makes it gluten- and hassle-free – perfect for a weekly meal prep!

I also appreciate the video recipe. It’s easy to follow along when you can see how the dish is being made!

​Full Recipe available at youtube.com

6. Flourless Vegan Vegetable Quiche

Flourless Vegan Vegetable Quiche

For me, spring means asparagus. And asparagus means I get to make this Flourless Vegetable Quiche!

Green Healthy Cooking uses quinoa and flax seed for a super-healthy crust. It’s a great option for people with Celiac Disease, or who are trying to avoid wheat.

GHC uses a chickpea flour base for the filling. Gorgeous spring veggies like asparagus and tomatoes give this quiche a professional look. A good sprinkle of homemade vegan parmesan (just sesame seeds and nutritional yeast) finishes the dish.

Green Healthy Cooking uses tapioca starch to make a firm filling. You can find this very cheap ingredient at Asian grocery stores.

This quiche pairs well with a light salad coated in super vinegary dressing.

​Full Recipe available at greenhealthycooking.com

7. Soy Free Spinach Chickpea Quiche

Soy Free Spinach Chickpea Quiche

In this quiche, chickpea flour and cashews combine for the ultimate creamy filling.

The recipe from Holy Cow Vegan calls for half a cup of cashews, soaked in water. The pureed ‘shews add a delicate, luxurious texture to the savory chickpea flour base.

This is a simple recipe, using fresh or frozen spinach, garlic, and herbs to create a savory breakfast. You can also use fresh greens – any small bunch will do.

The crust is a unique one, using boiled and mashed potatoes and whole wheat flour. Holy Cow Vegan uses a tart pan for an elegant, professional presentation.

If you don’t have a tart pan, you can always use a traditional pie plate.

​Full Recipe available at holycowvegan.net

8. VeganEgg Super Bacon Quiche

VeganEgg Super Bacon Quiche

Gourmet quiches are usually delicate, calling for lots of veggies and chopped greens. Some mornings, though, you need a heartier breakfast.

The quiche from Robot NYC uses a filling made from Follow Your Heart’s VeganEggs. The addition of vegan bacon and FYH mozzarella turns this into a meal that’ll keep you full all day.

With a few ingredients, this is a great recipe for those who are new to cooking or don’t want to chop a million veggies. It’s also perfect for people weaning themselves off animal products. Not to mention, longtime vegans craving comfort foods from childhood.

Robot NYC calls for a package of Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon, but I’ve also had great results with other products. Try your favorite meatless crumbles or chopped vegan sausage.

Not into mozzarella? Vegan cheddar or Colby Jack works just fine and makes an interesting flavor profile.

​Full Recipe available at robotnyc.com

9. Chickpea Flour Mini Quiches

Chickpea Flour Mini Quiches

In my pre-vegan days, I loved egg cups for quick weekday breakfasts. I was so happy to find the Mini Chickpea Flour Quiches from Power Hungry!

The filling for these quiches is simple – chickpea flour, olive oil, and spices. Add 1-1.5 cups of cooked or raw vegetables.

Power Hungry’s sample quiches feature roasted peppers, steamed kale, and garlic. Broccoli, onion, even butternut squash would be perfect in these. Rotate depending on your taste and season!

The filling goes into muffin tins, which create portable quiches you can take with you to work or school. Due to the small size, they cook in less than 15 minutes.

It’s also easy to double or triple the recipe and stick some in the freezer. Simply grab and heat for a nutritious breakfast with basically no effort.

​Full Recipe available at powerhungry.com

10. Soy-Free Vegan Quiche

Soy-Free Vegan Quiche

The quiche from Scandi Foodie is a delicate, elegant, and healthy breakfast. It uses spelt flour instead of tofu or chickpea flour for the filling. This makes a quiche that’s heavy on the veggies and lighter on the “eggy” filling.

The recipe starts with a whole grain spelt and flax crust. The filling consists of hearty leeks, mushrooms, and broccoli. This is held together with veggie stock, spelt flour, and potato flour.

The result is a thin, elegant dish you can serve to your girlfriends (or guy friends :P). It goes perfectly with a peppery salad, hot tea, and good conversation.

This recipe makes 8-10 servings. It’s perfect for a light breakfast or lunch that won’t weigh you down.

​Full Recipe available at scandifoodie.blogspot.com

Egg-Free Elegance

You’re not stuck with plain tofu for your perfect vegan quiche.

Next time you have overnight guests, try an eggless quiche that uses chickpea flour or commercial egg replacers instead of tofu. This makes your dish suitable for soy allergies, as well as impressive.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your quiche! Each recipe serves as a great guideline, but quiche is a flexible and forgiving food. If the veggie combo sounds good to you, it will likely taste even better in your quiche.

Get as elegant or hearty as you want with this. Opt for light spring vegetables, or crumble your favorite veggie sausage in for a protein-rich meal.

Don’t let a soy allergy or intolerance keep you from a hearty brunch!

A plant-based quiche is a healthy meal that will wow your brunch guests and family.

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