Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Concealer Brands

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A staple in any well-stocked beauty bag, concealer works to camouflage things like blemishes, redness, and dark under-eye circles, to create a bright and even canvas for the rest of your makeup look.

Depending on how much coverage you want, and how intense your needs are, you can find a thin, light concealer that provides just a little brightness, all the way to heavy-duty coverage concealers that are perfect for covering up wrinkles and persistent acne.

The most important choice to make, however, is the cruelty-free status of the concealer.

Many conventional and well-known makeup brands use animal ingredients in their products, or test their cosmetics through painful tests like rubbing them in the eyes of rabbits, mice, and small mammals or forcing them to be ingested to determine toxicity levels, which can often be fatal for the innocent test subjects.

When we live in a time when there are so many cruelty-free options available, why use your money to support unnecessary pain and suffering?

Below, we have included our top five vegan-friendly, cruelty-free concealers that are just waiting to find a place in your makeup bag. By choosing one of the products below, you’ll be opting for a completely vegan concealer without any fear of mistakes or hidden ingredients.​

BH Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer

Our Recommended Pick!

The Studio Pro concealer is truly a ‘jane of all trades’ type product. It has amazing color correcting capabilities, and it has five creamy shades that provide full and matte coverage for all skin tones. The lighter tones are for pale complexions and the dark tones for dark complexions, although it can easily be blended to create a customized shade for your skin.

The wheel shape makes it incredibly simple to use and view all the versatile shades.

It’s made using a full coverage formula with clinically tested ingredients; it is ideal for those on the lookout for lightly formulated products due to sensitive skin. This formula contains essential oils and is free from harmful parabens.

What We Love

This gentle concealer easily hides blemishes, dark circles, dark spots and redness without creasing. It works so well that you can even use it on its own without foundation. The highly pigmented powder means that it evens out your skin tone perfectly, and leaves your face looking naturally blemish free. And it’s an absolute bargain for the price.

The Downside

We looked, but there’s nothing we didn’t like!

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Mineral Fusion Compact Concealer Duo, Neutral Shade, 0.11 Ounce

Mineral Fusion Concealer Duo

Mineral Fusion’s Concealer Duo is unique in that it contains two shades of concealer rather than the standard single option, allowing you to custom blend your own personalized color.

The product is available in four colors: Cool, Warm, Deep, and Neutral.

Another great choice for people interested in stocking up on natural, clean makeup, Mineral Fusion’s concealer is free of nasty ingredients like parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, and phthalates. It uses things like pycnogenol, sea kelp, and licorice root to nourish, soothe, and calm skin, all while providing age-defying antioxidant protection.

The colors, while limited in number, can work for a variety of skin tones, especially given the blendability of the two concealers. Those with fair skin and reddish undertones should reach for Cool, while deep skin with red undertones is best suited for Deep. Warm is best for medium skin with gold undertones, and Neutral is well-suited for medium skin with neutral undertones.

What We Love

The ability to custom blend a concealer color using the dual products is the brightest point in an overwhelmingly well-received product. Many reviewers use the lighter concealer on upper lids as a primer and the darker tint on darker areas below the eyes. It provides a layer of customization to a single product, making it flexible and perfect for people who want to create a signature look.

The Downside

Some reviewers with dry skin noted that this product irritated their skin, despite being made from natural ingredients. This can cause problems for skin that is prone to dryness, or mature skin that needs a little more moisture and nourishment.

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Au Naturale Organic Creme Concealer in Walnut - Vegan Cream Concealer | Made in USA

Au Naturale Organic Cream Concealer

Au Naturale’s Organic Cream Concealer is versatile in every sense of the word.

First and foremost, this vegan concealer is available in seven colors that range from Ecru, for pale skin, all the way to Walnut, for deep skin tones with warm undertones.

Secondly, while the concealer is a creamy consistency on its own, it can be used with either liquid or powder concealer and blends beautifully with both.

The vegan formula is made with 100% organic and non-GMO ingredients, so it’s a natural choice for people who are also concerned with the quality of the products, not just whether or not it’s tested on animals. The formula includes things like castor seed and jojoba oils, and are hand crafted in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The concealer is highly pigmented, paraben-free, and comes in small pots.

What We Love

This cruelty-free concealer covers dark circles, blemishes, and redness with ease, and makes a great base layer for your foundation. The best part? It looks completely natural, helping you get that “no-makeup makeup” look, that doesn’t look like you’re wearing any product, but simply highlights your best features.

The Downside

For the price, this is a relatively small container of concealer. Due to the cost per milliliter of the product, it may be cost prohibitive to those who are on tighter makeup budgets. However, if you have a more liberal line item for these types of purchases, the natural ingredients inside are well worth it.

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Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Creaseless Concealer - Medium

Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Creaseless Concealer

Formulated to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, blemishes, and imperfections, Tarte Cosmetics’ concealer won’t pool in wrinkles and lines and creates a smooth canvas for foundation and the rest of your makeup.

The formula uses Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to firm and nourish skin, while maracuja oil moisturizes skin and calms redness and inflammation.

Lastly, vitamin C serves to brighten complexion and neutralize free-radicals.

This vegan concealer is available in five colors: Fair, Light, Tan, Medium, and Deep. It has a thick, creamy consistency and blends well, and once it dries, it feels very natural and lightweight.

This is a full-coverage vegan concealer and is meant for a heavier, more opaque cover.

What We Love

The coverage of this concealer provides an even canvas for foundation and makeup. Redness, blemishes, wrinkles, and dark circles are all buffed away with just a few swipes of this concealer. Reviewers also note that it’s very easy to find and match a shade to your skin tone, which takes a lot of the guesswork and wasted cash out of trying to find a good concealer.

The Downside

This concealer is extremely expensive for the amount you get, so it may be best to try this in a Sephora or department store before you commit to your purchase. Additionally, this is extremely thick, so if you’re looking for a lighter, more subtle concealer, this is not the product for you.

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Gabriel Cosmetics, Concealer Light, 0.3 Ounce

Gabriel Color Concealer

A full-coverage, water-based concealer, Gabriel’s Color Concealer is designed to balance irregularities in skin tone, cover blemishes, and imperfections, and brighten the dark skin under the eyes.

The concealer is formulated with natural botanical extracts, which make it a good choice for sensitive skin and the delicate skin around the eyes.

In addition to evening out skin tone and covering imperfections, this concealer also helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines, giving an overall youthful glow without the use of harsh chemicals or animal ingredients.

The concealer is available in two colors best suited for lighter skin – light and medium.

What We Love

Reviewers note that this concealer is great for summertime and hot climates – it sets completely within just a few moments, and the color is not too heavy on yellow or pink. It is also extremely versatile, with the ability to use it as a highlighter, concealer, and under-eye brightener all in one.

The Downside

The lightness of this concealer makes it good for heat and humidity, but it can be lacking if you have very dark or very uneven skin – it’s best used for basic brightening and concealing, but shouldn’t be used for a heavy application. It is very much on the liquid side as opposed to creamy, so it doesn’t provide very opaque coverage.

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Pacifica Beauty Transcendent Concentrated Concealer Natural, 0.2 Ounce

Pacifica Concentrated Concealer

A good mix of quality and affordability, Pacifica’s concealer is well-received by reviewers and purchasers.

A concentrated formula, this concealer camouflages imperfections, dark circles, redness, and blemishes, and glides on easily for a natural, smooth, creaseless finish.

The cruelty-free concealer uses coconut water for added moisture and nourishment; sweet iris stem cells for firming, and ginseng extract, which nourishes, protects and supports circulation.

The concealer is packed with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements, and is rich is protective antioxidants.

The formula is available in two colors – light, and natural, and comes in a .2 fluid ounce tube. It is perfect for everyday coverage of redness, dark circles, and blemishes.

What We Love

Because it’s gentle on skin, this cruelty-free concealer is a great choice for normal, everyday wear. Reviewers note that this is a great concealer for everyday use, and provides just the right amount of coverage – not too much, not too little.

The Downside

It can be difficult to match this concealer to certain skin types – some reviewers note that it took many tries to get the color just right, and find something that’s not too yellow, not too pink, etc. It tends to be on the lighter side, so opt for a darker shade than you would normally go for.

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How to Spot a NON Vegan Concealer

If you do choose a concealer not listed here, be sure to look for the common culprits of sneaky animal ingredients, including gelatin, carmine, and lanolin.

Do yourself a favor and look for brands that include the phrases “vegan,” “cruelty-free,” and “not tested on animals” on their packaging to reduce the risk of any mishaps.

If you’re just starting to replace your conventional makeup with cruelty-free alternatives, you may find it easiest to stick to our list of vetted products below.

Which Type of Concealer Should I Go For?


Liquid concealers provide lightweight, all-over coverage when you’re looking to even skin tone or conceal redness, which can be a large portion of your face.

Having the concealer in a spreadable liquid can help you use less product, and create an even, primed canvas to apply your foundation and additional makeup.

Liquid concealer is especially useful around areas that move a lot, like your eyes, and an oil-based liquid will help keep the delicate skin around your eyes moisturized and well-nourished.

Remember that when it comes to this type of concealer, a little bit goes a long way – using too much will cause it to pool in any fine lines or wrinkles, so keep a light hand during application.


You can think of stick and compact concealers like spot treatments, best at a heavier cover on small, narrow parts of the face – thing blemishes, birthmarks, and dark circles immediately below the eye.

Stick concealers look something like a lipstick, often coming in a tube you can twist up to reveal more product. You can use stick concealers on the face just as you would lipstick on your lips – simply unscrew the cap and swipe it onto red spots and blemishes.

Compact concealers usually come in small pots or foldable palettes with mirrors and a small applicator. These are great for keeping in your purse and may be made from pressed powder or an “in-between” of liquid and powder. Use an applicator like a small brush or wand to paint this type of concealer onto your face.

Ultimately, the choice of concealer type has a lot to do with your personal preferences for how your concealer should feel, as well as the function you need your concealer to perform.

Watch the video below to learn more about different concealer types as well as how to apply them to your face​

Bright Eyes, Happy Bunnies

It’s an amazing time to be alive!

We can have not only one but a practical arsenal of concealers available on the market that do a beautiful job camouflaging, without calling upon any animal products or testing.

By choosing from this list of vegan-friendly concealers, or paying attention to the ingredients and labeling of those products that are available in stores and online that are not listed here, you can use your dollar to send a message to manufacturers and suppliers.

With each purchase of a cruelty-free, vegan beauty product, you are saying loud and clear that animal testing, and the inclusion of animal products in makeup, is unacceptable, and will not be supported any longer.

Luckily, there’s simply no reason to sacrifice the quality of your favorite cosmetics to live in line with your morals and to send a clear message that helps to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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