Best Vegetable Choppers for 2018 (Buying Guide)

Nearly every recipe, from soups to entrees, starts out the same – chopping and dicing vegetables.

While necessary, it can’t be denied that chopping vegetables is time-consuming, tedious, and can be problematic for people with hand issues or who have small children, which would make the traditional knife and cutting board option difficult.

And that’s not even considering how difficult certain vegetables can be – has anyone actually found an easy way to cut a butternut squash with just a knife? It feels like an injury waiting to happen.

If you spend a lot of time and effort chopping veggies for your dishes, a vegetable chopper may be a wise investment to help save you time, as well as allow young or elderly family members to safely help with meal preparation.

After careful investigation, we’ve found the LovKitchen vegetable chopper and the Cuisinart vegetable chopper to be our top picks for manual and electric choppers, respectively.

The LovKitchen Chopper is a durable manual model that is completely adjustable to accommodate varied sizes of foods and is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

Similarly, the Cuisinart electric vegetable chopper is an efficient machine that allows you to quickly chop a variety of ingredients and can hold a large volume of veggies for big dishes and large crowds.

While these products are our favorites of the group, we’ve compiled a total of six products that get our seal of approval.

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Vegetable Chopper Buying Guide

When purchasing a vegetable chopper, there are several things you’ll want to consider that will lead you to a product that’s perfect for you. Be sure to read each section as they will help you make the best decision for you and your family.

Good Luck!​


Should I go for a Manual or Electric Vegetable Chopper?

The first consideration you’ll want to make is whether you want a chopper that only requires only some manpower to operate or a higher-tech electric model.

Most manual vegetable choppers come in two models – the first usually involves a swinging arm with criss-cross blades, so the vegetables are diced when the arm is lowered. The other, slightly more involved models, might function more like a food processor, using a rip cord or a hand crank.

The swing models have the ability to create a perfect, uniform dice, while the processor models are better for salsas or rough chops. The lack of electricity makes both types good for campers, RVs, and emergency kits.

Electric vegetable choppers need to be connected to a power source and offer both convenience and safety. By relying on motor-powered blades, chopping can be done hands-free with many options, making them good choices for people with arthritis or hand problems that might make manual operation difficult.

Additionally, electric choppers guarantee that hands cannot get near the blades, which means small children can help during prep (with the help of an adult, of course).


Is it Dishwasher Safe?

A vegetable chopper will save you tons of time during prep – having a product do the dicing for you cuts down tenfold on your preparation time.

However, this is all for nothing if it’s going to take you a long time to clean the product.

Being able to disassemble your chopper, give the parts a quick rinse, and place them in the dishwasher means you can spend more time doing the things you love instead of scrubbing bits of vegetable peel out of your chopper.

At the very least, look for products with a dishwasher-safe blade and bowl. Of course, more dishwasher-safe parts are better, but having easy-to-clean blades and bowls will allow you to spend that time you save during chopping doing fun things you like, rather than cleaning up after yourself.


Number of Blades

A product with several options for blades means your vegetable chopper can replace many of the tools in your kitchen, saving you cabinet space and streamlining your prep.

Many manual choppers come with a variety of blades, including small and large dice, as well as slicing and shredding. Similarly, some electric models come with more than one chopping option, allowing for coarse chops for chunky salsas and soups, to fine minces for onions and garlic.

As you’re considering the right chopper for you, think about the options you need and the environment you’re working in. Are you looking to stock your RV, which has limited kitchen and counter space? Do you just need a single tool that relieves you from the monotony of dicing carrot after carrot? These requirements will help lead you to the tool that is as simple or as customizable as you need.


Container Volume

Think about the volume of vegetables you usually prep. Are you just chopping up a zucchini or two for small meals, or do you need to process a lot of veggies for a big soup or to feed a large crowd?

Manual and electric vegetable choppers usually use a bowl or container that catches the chopped food, and can also function as storage. If you’re just cooking for one or two, a small container will get the job done (and won’t take up unnecessary space), while those cooking for crowds or doing weekly meal preps will want to opt for a larger capacity.

If your prep style varies from day to day, consider a model that doesn’t rely on a container or bowl, and allows you to put a container of your choosing to catch the chopped veggies.


If It Ain’t BPA-Free, You Ain’t Buying It

Bisphenol-A, or BPA, is a chemical added to plastics to harden them and give them shape.

However, it has come under fire – and is a hot-button issue – due to studies that have linked the presence of BPA to issues with brain and prostate health, as well as behavioral issues. While the jury is still out, some people are opting to avoid products with BPA, especially in items that come into contact with food.

If you are someone avoiding BPA, look for products that are labeled “BPA-free.” At the very least, you can look for choppers that do contain BPA but use BPA-free plastics for the areas that come into contact with food. You can get as strict or lenient with this as you feel comfortable with.


Opt For Stainless Steel Blades (ALWAYS!)

For both manual and electric vegetable choppers, always look for a blade made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is extremely resistant to staining, chipping, and rust, which means in the long run, your food will be safer.

You won’t have as much risk of finding shards of steel in your food, and the blades will stay rust-free, which means they are more durable, and won’t need to be replaced very often, if at all.

Plus, you need strong blades in a chopper that can cut easily through potato, carrot, and other hard vegetables. The last thing you want is a soft blade that gets stuck halfway through your potato.

Stainless steel blades can also stand up to the dishwasher, which makes for easy cleanup, and reduces the risk of cutting your hands while cleaning the blades.


Stick to the Basics or Go Fully Loaded?

Once you’ve decided on the points above, you can move into the “nice to haves” of customizability.

Some products offer the minimum requirements necessary – they chop vegetables – but you may want to consider other luxuries and add-ons for your product.

Is there a specific color you want your chopper to be, in case you’re keeping it on the countertop?

Do you need an adjustable chopper to accommodate very large vegetables?

Once you have the requirements of your chopper figured out, you can move on to the customizable aspects of the product that allow you to express your personality, or make your chopping experience that much more convenient.

Best Manual Vegetable Choppers

If you prefer electric choppers, please click here to skip to our top picks for electric models

The Original Vidalia Chop Wizard

Vegetable Chopper Dicer Slicer Cutter Manual / Vegetable Grater with 11 Interchangeable Blades - LOVKITCHEN Multi-functional Adjustable Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Dicer with Storage Container (5 Interchangeable Blades)

Prepworks by Progressive Fruit and Vegetable Chopper






# of Blades




Container Volume

2 Cups

5.5 Cups

3 Cup

Blade Type

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Dishwasher Safe



Our Top Pick for Manual Vegetable Choppers

A perfect balance between quality and value, the LovKitchen Vegetable Chopper is our top choice for people looking to replace their knife and cutting board with a handy manual chopper. Made with sharp stainless steel blades and a reinforced plastic body, this model is built to last, even after chopping tough vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and parsnips.

The LovKitchen model is also incredibly versatile - the adjustable body allows the chopper to handle oddly-shaped or large vegetables that wouldn’t fit in other models. Additionally, the unit comes with an impressive five blade options so that you can chop and dice, as well as grate and slice, which means fewer products taking up space in your kitchen.

The LovKitchen Vegetable Chopper is made without the use of BPA, PVC, or phthalates, ensuring the healthiest option for you and your family. The chopper comes with a handy cleaning blade for removing large or stuck bits of food, but you can also put the chopper into the dishwasher for low-effort cleanup.

What We Liked
  • Adjustable
  • Many blade choices
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large container doubles as storage
  • BPA-free
What We Disliked
  • Does not come with instructions
  • Learning curve as to not grate fingers
  • Has trouble with thin foods like outer layer of onion, pepper

The Vidalia Chop Wizard allows home cooks to swiftly chop and dice vegetables into perfect cubes with just a single movement.

The model uses two super-sharp stainless steel inserts to cut a large dice or a small dice, depending on the size you’re looking for. It works with a variety of foods, from softies like avocados and tomatoes to harder veggies like carrots and potatoes.

The container that catches the diced food can also function as a measuring cup, with handy ½-cup and 2-cup markers, as well as a storage container so that you can prepare ingredients ahead of time. The lid is dishwasher safe, to ensure easy cleanup.

Best of all, the Chop Wizard is extremely affordable, and perfect for people with limited budgets, who just want a spare chopper on hand in case of power outages, for camping and travel, or who simply don’t want to deal with the mess of a knife and cutting board.

What We Liked
  • Easy to use
  • Can handle a variety of foods
  • Two blades allow you to choose size
  • Multi-functional container
  • Dishwasher safe
What We Disliked
  • Can break if used roughly
  • Not very durable
  • Hard to clean without dishwasher

The vegetable chopper from Progressive features an ergonomic design that allows cooks to chop perfect vegetables with a one-handed press of the pusher lid. With that single motion, food slides through the sharp stainless steel blades and is collected in the container base, which can function as a measuring cup and a storage container.

At the top of our price range for manual vegetable choppers, this model may cost more than some home cooks are willing to spend on such a tool. However, the product has overwhelmingly positive reviews, and does prove to be convenient - no mess on your cutting board, a considerable decrease in prep time, and less chance of injury to hands and fingers are all benefits of this product.

The Progressive Vegetable Chopper is BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making it a healthy and easy tool to have in your kitchen. However, some reviewers note that the blades are not strong enough considering the price, and struggle with hard foods.

What We Liked
  • Requires only one hand for operation
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free
  • Built-in blade
  • Three chop size options
What We Disliked
  • Hard to chop hard foods like carrots
  • Cannot handle large quantities of food at once
  • Not very durable

Best Electric Vegetable Choppers

The three products below are our favorites for easy-to-use, convenient, gentle-on-hands electric food choppers.

Black+Decker HC306 1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper, 2, White

Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini Prep Plus Food-Processors, 3 Cup, Brushed Chrome and Nickel

Gourmia GMS100 Power Dicer Plus Multi-Purpose 5 in 1 Electric Mandoline Food Dicer Chopper Slicer Grater and Shredder - Includes 5 Blades






Chopping Options




Container Volume

1.5 Cups

3 Cups


Blade Type

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


White or Black

Brushed Chrome


Dishwasher Safe


Our Top Pick for Electric Vegetable Choppers

Our top pick for electric vegetable choppers, the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus is the best bang for your buck. With a large BPA-free 3-cup bowl and two chopping speeds, you can efficiently process a lot of veggies and choose how coarse or fine you want your chop.

Everything about the Mini Prep Plus is efficient - from the stainless steel blades for effective cutting to the simple push-button operation, this product is a great mix of durability and affordability.

It is compact enough to keep on even the most crowded countertops but has enough power to crunch through even tough vegetables. While it’s great for vegetables from tomatoes to potatoes, you can also use it for nuts, chocolates, and fruits.

The lid, bowl, and blades are all dishwasher safe, so you don’t have to eat up the time you saved during prep cleaning up after your chopper. Just rinse and run them through the dishwasher and set the machine right back up for your next round.

If you’re looking for a perfect middle-of-the-road electric chopper to help you cut down on vegetable prep time, give this one a try!

What We Liked
  • Large enough for family meals
  • Two chopping speeds
  • Easy to clean
  • Looks classy on countertops
  • BPA-free
What We Disliked
  • Inconsistent chop sizes
  • Can struggle with large amounts of food despite bowl size
  • Noisy

The food chopper from BLACK + DECKER is the ideal choice for people on very tight budgets looking for a handy vegetable chopper, or those who want a serviceable product to keep in the RV or travel kit. At just a 1.5-cup capacity, it’s also an ideal option for singles, or for processing small amounts of food.

The chopper features curved stay-sharp stainless steel blades and a large one-touch button with pulse control, so you can control how coarse or fine you want your vegetables. When you’re done chopping, simply place the bowl, lid, and blade into the dishwasher to make cleaning up as simple as chopping.

With this product, you get what you pay for - there aren’t any bells and whistles, there is a single chopping option, and the bowl is on the smaller side. However, it’s a low-risk, low-commitment addition to your home or a convenient tool in your travel kit.

What We Liked
  • Affordable
  • Compact enough for small kitchens
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Pulse control
  • Most of machine is dishwasher safe
What We Disliked
  • Too small for families
  • Liquefies soft foods
  • Noisy
  • Not BPA-Free

Unlike most of the electric vegetable choppers on the market that tend to function more like food processors, the Gourmia Power Dicer allows you to create perfectly diced vegetables no matter how soft - even tomatoes and avocados! You can choose from five blade options to get every texture from dice to grate.

The Power Dicer also allows you to process as much or as little food at once as you like. Because you simply place a bowl of your choice beneath the chute, you can use a big mixing bowl for a large salad, or a small prep bowl for just a single chopped zucchini or carrot.

You also have the freedom to use pre-sliced ingredients, or entire potatoes for french fries. While the Gourmia has a larger price tag, you do get a lot of freedom and autonomy while getting a quick and efficient dice.

The Gourmia looks super sharp out on your counter, with a white body and chrome and black accents. Additionally, it’s convenient - many parts of the Gourmia dicer can go straight into the dishwasher after use, and you can wipe down the base with a damp paper towel if it gets any vegetable pieces or residue on it.

What We Liked
  • Ability to dice lots of veggies at once
  • Even dice on soft foods
  • Wide variety of blades
  • BPA-free
  • Most parts dishwasher safe
What We Disliked
  • Does not come with a bowl
  • Food gets caught in chopping tray
  • Does not come with instructions

The Verdict

Whether you’re looking to save time and energy or want to invest in a product that will allow young and elderly family members to be involved in meal preparation, a vegetable chopper is a handy addition to any kitchen.

While each of these products has our seal of approval, the LovKitchen Vegetable Chopper and the Cuisinart Mini Prep Plus are our top picks when it comes to manual and electric models. A good mix of durability, quality, and affordability, both are ideal options for those looking for a product that will help with the necessary and ever-present task of chopping vegetables.

Since so many recipes require at least some vegetable chopping, these easy-to-use, easy-to-clean products will help save you time, so you can get the same quality in your dishes while having more time and energy to do the things you love with the people you love.

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