Is Seitan a Complete Protein?


Seitan, a dense, chewy vegan protein made from wheat gluten, has an impressive nutritional profile – at nearly 20g of protein per 3 oz portion, it is often compared in taste and nutrition to lean meats. However, one cannot live on seitan alone…

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Iron Sources

It seems like just about every other nutrient gets a bigger share of the spotlight than humble iron. Advertisers are all about the protein and fat content, calcium for bones; heck even fiber gets more recognition than iron! Although this micronutrient gets B-list treatment from the food and nutrition world.

The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Protein Sources

nuts and seeds

It happens to every vegan at some point or another. Maybe it’s after you order your pasta with no cheese, or when a co-worker finds out you don’t eat any animal products – not even fish. Suddenly, everyone becomes an expert on nutrition. “But where do you get your protein?” they ask.