Nano Towels Review (Do They Really Work?)

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With sustainability and green living in focus, many families are looking to replace disposable products like paper towels with reusable alternatives.

Made from Nanolon technology, Nano Towels are thick, plush microfiber cloths that can help you cut down on costs and consumption of traditional paper towels.

Are these microfiber cloths right for your family?

Read on for an overview of these eco-friendly alternatives.

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Summary of Our Nano Towel Review

Nano Towels Review


When used normally, each towel can last 2-3 years, or 300-400 washes.


Spills are no match for these towels – liquids get cleaned up in a single swipe.


Nano Towels can be used on a variety of surfaces, such as counters, cars, and flat surfaces, as well as non-traditional uses like wiping wet dog paws and snow boots.

Ease of Use

Soaking up spills and wiping down flat surfaces is easy as pie, but scrubbing will take a little more elbow grease (and cleanser).


Nano Towels are expensive when compared to other microfiber towels, but may save you money in the long run if you tend to use a lot of paper towels.


While they won’t completely replace the need for paper towels in your life, Nano Towels can help you drastically reduce how many paper towels you use and ultimately throw away – sometimes as much as 80%.

The large, absorbent cloths soak up a lot of liquid, so they’re good for spills and families with young children, who have lots of small messes throughout the day that don’t need to be sanitized.

However, if you don’t already use a lot of paper towels, or if your cleaning routine involves cleansers and disinfectant, the Nano Towel might not be worth the price, and you might be better off with a simple microfiber cloth.

  • Great absorbency – spills are cleaned with a single wipe
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces: counters, cars, fabric, etc.
  • Large size makes for quick cleaning
  • Great for removing stubborn fingerprints from stainless steel
  • Easy to wash in the laundry
  • Leaves streaks and fuzz on mirrors and glass
  • Tacky, sticky material can be uncomfortable on hands
  • Doesn’t sanitize; you still need to use a cleaner
  • Doesn’t offer much compared to regular microfiber towels
  • Expensive when compared to similar products

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What are Nano Towels Made From?

Nanolon, the material from which these towels are made, attracts liquid, dust, dirt, and grime like a magnet.

Some users describe the material as feeling slightly sticky, but this helps the cloth pick up messes instead of just spreading them around.

The towels have two sides, one for cleaning, and one for drying, which makes for efficient cleaning as you don’t need multiple cloths for one job. In fact, the company boasts that you don’t even need cleaning solution – simply use water, wipe the area clean, and buff dry with the other side of the cloth.

Simply toss it in the laundry after use and use it again next time you need something cleaned.

Why Make the Switch from Paper Towels?

People have plenty of motivations for switching from paper towels to products, but these can be boiled down to two main benefits: cost savings and sustainability.

Cost Savings

Like any consumable good, using paper towels means that, ultimately, you have to buy more. Where I live, in a major metropolitan area, a single roll of paper towels costs anywhere from $2-$4 per roll. With the average family of four using 1.5-2 rolls of paper towels per week, what seems like a small expense can add up over time.

Paper Towel$3.00 roll x 2 rolls per week = $6.00 per week x 52 weeks = $312 per year

The proof is in the math – the average family would spend over $300 for a year’s supply of paper towels, while the reusable Nano Towel option only requires an upfront payment of about $25.

While the initial cost is higher, you save money over time. And, considering Nano Towels last for two to three years depending on use, you’re looking at a savings of $600-$900 over the course of three years.

I don’t know about you, but I can think of a lot more things I’d rather spend $900 on than something I’m going to throw away. And that brings us to the second reason many people choose to ditch the paper – the planet.


Paper Towel vs Nano Towel

Consider the same family of four using up to two rolls of paper towels per week – that eventually translates to over 100 rolls of paper towels, per year, in a landfill.

In addition to the sheer volume of trash, paper towels create, there are additional environmental implications of this convenience – for example, the trees cut down to make the paper itself, and the bleach that is often added to traditional paper towels to get them a gleaming white.

Reducing your use of paper towels is a simple way to cut down on the amount of waste produced by your household.

It’s unlikely that even a Nano Towel will be able to completely replace the role of paper towels in your life – sometimes it’s just the right tool for the job. But more than likely, many times you use paper towels are out of convenience. In these cases, where a reusable product that is more earth-friendly could do the job just as well, if not better, Nano Towel is an option that can help you cut down on your consumption of disposables.

So maybe you’re ready to switch to a reusable microfiber cloth for your light cleanup needs.

Why choose Nano Towel?

How Do Nano Towels Perform?

1. Absorbability

When it comes to replacing paper towels for the purpose of soaking up spilled liquids, Nano Towels are 100% worth the money. The texture of the cloth is thick and plush, so it can hold much of the liquid that paper towels and thinner microfiber cloths might leave behind.

The Nanolon material used to create this towel also provides superior absorption – each fiber is practically a magnet for water, and each one clings to the liquid to make sure it doesn’t drip all over the place.

Its absorbability also makes it a great drying cloth. Not just limited to sopping up spilled coffee or wiping down the countertop, use it to wipe down dishes before putting them away, or for a dry, shiny finish after washing your car.

2. Multi-Functionality

Nano Towel is also a winner as a homecare multi-tasker. With four towels per pack, one can serve as your traditional cleaner for flat surfaces and countertops, but the options for the remaining towels in the pack are practically limitless.

Wrap one of the cloths around the head of your Swiffer and tuck the corners into place to quickly and easily mop or dry tile or hardwood floors. Tuck a towel into your gym bag to wipe down cardio machines after use. Keep a cloth near your entryway to dry off wet snow boots or muddy dog paws to keep your floors clean in the rest of the house.

Chances are, if you can think of it, you can do it with the Nano Towel. This purchase definitely won’t be limited to your countertops alone.

3. Quality of Clean

In addition to being super absorbent for spills and light messes, Nano Towel is also a great choice for people who have stainless steel appliances. Every homeowner with a stainless steel fridge or dishwasher knows that the beauty comes at a price – the machines seem to show every single grease mark and fingerprint, which can be tough to buff out. The Nano Towel takes care of these with ease and doesn’t require the use of any harsh stainless steel cleaners.

However, there are certain surfaces that the Nano Towel doesn’t exactly excel on, including glass, windows, and mirrors. This is a scenario where the sticky, tacky nature of the cloths is a con rather than a pro – the towels tend to leave a streaky, fuzzy film on reflective surfaces rather than a glimmering, clear finish. If you use paper towels to clean your mirrored and glass surfaces, the Nano towel probably won’t be an adequate replacement for this particular task.

Additionally, stuck-on, stubborn stains require a little elbow grease, and often, the help of a commercial cleaning product. While the towel is well-made and super absorbent, it’s not exactly a magic tool for any mess.

4. Durability

Buy a pack of Nano Towels, and you won’t have to think about repurchasing for at least two years. Buy a few packs, and you’ll be set for nearly a decade.

With regular use, Nano Towels can keep on cleaning for 2-3 years and can survive 300-400 trips through your washing machine.

Not only does this keep costs in check, but it’s plain old convenient to always have your cleaning cloth on hand without having to worry about restocking when you head to the grocery store.

5. Cost

When it comes to microfiber cloths, Nano Towel tends to be on the expensive side, and some people are averse to spending nearly $25 on four towels.

However, to figure out whether or not this will help your family save money, consider how many paper towels you use, and what you use them for. If your family can blow through multiple rolls of paper towels per week soaking up messes and drying hands, a $25 upfront payment might save you money in the long run when you aren’t purchasing and repurchasing disposable paper towels.

However, if you use paper towels in a way that Nano Towel is not well-suited for, like tough stains or reflective surfaces, they may be an extra expense, rather than a good replacement for the disposable wipes.

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Are Nano Towels Right for Me?

Nano Towels are worth the value if you’re someone who usually uses paper towels for simply wiping up spills, or does mostly light cleanups that don’t need sanitization or elbow grease.

Maybe you just want to dust the mantle, or you need a more cost-effective and eco-friendly way to clean up spilled juice from your child’s breakfast. The superior absorbability of Nano Towels makes them a good replacement for the paper towels you’d use in these situations, and will probably save you money in the long run.

However, if you’re looking for something that will help you scrub, sanitize, and deep clean around the house, you’d be better off with a more economical microfiber towel. While the towels are great for wiping up spilled liquids, they don’t offer anything special in the deep-cleaning department and tend to leave behind streaks and residue on reflective surfaces.

Where Can I Buy Nano Towels?

Nano towels are available for purchase on Amazon (what’s isn’t these days?), but I personally recommend picking them up at Water Liberty because you save about 20% off your purchase. Water Liberty also offers bundle packages, which Amazon does not, resulting in savings as much as 33%.

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    • Hey Keith,

      Thanks for your comments! These towels definitely need some more elbow grease in certain situations – stainless steel and shower doors (like you mentioned). I think a better way to look at these towels is to think of them as a more eco-friendly option to paper towels. These towels work wonders on things like juice/water spills and other kitchen messes.

  1. I purchased these almost a year ago, and I can’t say enough good things about them. I have been a die hard fan and user of Bounty paper towels (no other brand for me!) I am amazed at the amount of paper towels these cloths save me. I have a glass (black) stovetop, and all I do is use these wet and buff with a dry cloth, and it is clean and shiny. Also, I have stainless steel appliances and I have tried everything, including the expensive “stainless steel polishes”. All I do with these nano cloths is wet and use small amount of diswashing liquid to wipe clean, rinse same cloth and use to wipe soap away, buff dry with clean, dry nano cloth and they’re shiny clean. I also use them on my car windows, mirrors, iPad screens and anything else that I clean. I absolutely am sold on these. I will be ordering more.

  2. Love these towels. Bought the bath towels they dry great!!!! Now I had my hair colored a few days ago but I rinsed my hair tonight but I got some color onto the towek will it clear up when I wash it or do I need a special treatment to clear up the hair dye???


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