Best Vegan Fabric Softeners & Conditioners

Naturally, we all want our laundry to come out of the dryer feeling soft, supple, and maybe even smelling like a field of roses, if that is something you’re into.

However, those of you reading this article are likely looking for a fabric softener that is also free of animal products and free from animal testing.

Surprisingly, most of the common household names for fabric softeners (both liquid and dryer sheets) are not vegan.

Do not worry, though; I have managed to find five vegan and cruelty-free fabric softeners that will not even break the bank!

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List of Vegan Fabric Softener Brands

Method Fabric Softener Fresh Air 20 oz

Method - Fabric Softener (liquid)

Great for a small family or single person with smaller loads of laundry 

Although this brand is not as popular as other brands on our list, that does not take away from the quality!

This Method fabric softener produces fresh, soft, wrinkle free clothing that is also free of static cling.

With five long lasting scents and an average of 45 loads per bottle, the plant-based formula leaves little to be concerned with.

Just a tip, though, Method fabric softener works best when combined with the same brand of laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

What We Love

Method is a vegan and cruelty-free company that uses a biodegradable formula and makes their product containers recyclable. The company’s liquid fabric softener comes in five scents that last but are not overbearing. Many also enjoyed the static cling free, soft texture of their clothes when washed with this product.

The Downside

The recommended product amount per medium-sized load was often not enough to result in the soft texture that most people were hoping for. Many users did find that using other Method brand products in combination with the company’s fabric softener did get them the results they were looking for. However, having to purchase multiple products to get one result proved to be more of a hassle than the reward was worth.

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Natural Fabric Softener Sheets - Light Citrus Scent - Non-Toxic, Hypoallergenic, Plant-Based, Compostable - 80 Count Each (Pack of 6)

Sun & Earth Natural Fabric Softener Sheets

Great for sensitive skin and budget conscious people!

These Sun & Earth fabric softener sheets are completely vegan, cruelty-free, and they even come in two fresh scents!

Their all natural scents are subtle but last long after the dryer.

Each sheet consists of a wax-like texture that locks in the fabric softening agents until they hit the heat, resulting in ample softness.

Static cling is also completely removed from clothing with the use of these dryer sheets.

What We Love

Vegans looking for a fabric softener for their sensitive skin will love that these cruelty-free dryer sheets are hypoallergenic, perfume free, and non-toxic. The sheets come in two scents, both of which are fairly mild compared to other non-vegan fabric softeners. Many people also appreciate that these vegan sheets are biodegradable.

The Downside

Although many users enjoyed the mild scent of these dryer sheets, others were looking for something a bit stronger, causing them to use multiple sheets per load. The sheets also seem to dry out faster when the dryer is set to a high heat so if keeping your dryer on low is preferable for this brand. Also, because the sheets dried out too quickly, many people noticed that static cling was not reduced as much as preferred.

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Ecover Fabric Softener Liquid, Morning Fresh, 32 Ounce

Ecover Fabric Softener (liquid)

Great for those looking for ample softness

Ecover is another brand that is quickly becoming a staple in many households. Their liquid fabric softener comes in two fresh scents and is certified vegan.

A single bottle of Ecover will cover around 40, medium sized loads of laundry, which is about the average for non-vegan fabric softener, so that is a definite plus.

The product also consists of a biodegradable formula that results in soft clothing that is also free of static cling.

What We Love

The biodegradable, plant-based formula proved to be a success when it comes to the post-wash softness of clothing.

Many people also appreciated that the scents were mild and derived from natural sources, like the rest of the product.

The Downside

Environmentally conscious users will not like how difficult the product is to thoroughly remove from clothing. Users often have to put their laundry through the wash cycle twice to remove all of the softeners. The products scents were also mild and did not last after the clothing was dried.

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ATTITUDE Baby Fabric Softener, Hypoallergenic, Plant-based, Non-toxic, ECOLOGO Certified, Fluid Ounce, 40 Loads, Soothing Chamomile, 33.8 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

Attitude (liquid) Fabric Softener

Ideal for Families 

Attitude is a vegan, cruelty-free, liquid fabric softener that comes in way too many scents to name!

Just to give you an example, they have a grapefruit scent, fresh scent, morning scent, chamomile bed time scent, and they even have a product designed specifically for a baby’s sensitive skin!

Attitude makes their products with its sensitive skin customers in mind, which is why their fabric softener is both hypoallergenic and Ecologo certified!

What We Love

This company’s product understand that the needs of every individual are different. Many users loved that the fabric softener came in multiple scents and was suitable for those with skin sensitivities. Users also appreciated that the bottle is 100% recyclable and even EcoLogo certified.

The Downside

In some cases, consumers had to use more of the product than what was recommended to achieve the level of fragrance and softness they preferred. This ultimately resulted in the one-liter bottle of fabric softener not lasting as long as other brands.

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Honest Dryer Cloths, 32 Count

The Honest Company - Honest Dryer Cloths

The Environmentally Friendly Option

The Honest Company is quickly becoming a popular household name for both vegans and nonvegans.

What makes these dryer sheets unique is that they are “wet” dryer cloths designed to infuse the fabric softening agents into the clothing as they dry.

Users get two loads per one dryer sheet, which is rare even for traditional dryer sheets.

Honest brand dryer sheets are a great option for the transitioning vegan or the environmentally conscious customer.

What We Love

Honest is a certified 100% organic company that does not use synthetic fragrances or dyes in their dryer cloths, making them suitable for users with skin sensitivities. Many environmentally conscious users also loved that these sheets are reusable (up to two times).

The Downside

Although a matter of preference, many users noted that the scent of the dryer cloths did not last as long as preferred and that the scent was stronger in the package than on the actual clothing.

Several users also complained of skin irritation when using this product, likely due to the combination of organic chemicals that the company uses. Keep in mind that the dryer cloths must be used on a low heat setting if you plan on using them more than once.

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Why Use a Vegan Fabric Softener?

Vegan fabric softeners are known to be gentler on the skin and be free of harsh chemicals that non-vegan softeners often have.

Non-vegan dryer sheets often contain animal fat to keep the individual sheets from drying out, which means that your freshly washed clothing now has bits of animal fat on them when they come out of the dryer.

Gross, right?

Vegan fabric softeners are also not tested on animals, are often certified organic and even hypoallergenic. This makes such products ideal for sensitive skin types or those who are environmentally conscious.

Cruelty-free fabric softeners are overall better for the environment, your health, the health of the people are you, and the health of the planet.

Where Can I Buy a Vegan-Friendly Fabric Softener?

All of the products in this article were found on Amazon, but if shopping online is not something you particularly enjoy, then you do have some other options.

Most grocery or convenience stores carry the Honest brand fabric softener as well as Ecover and Sun and Earth brands. These brands are becoming popular, so if they are not in your local grocery store yet, they should be soon.

Brands like Method and Attitude are more commonly found in stores such as Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s because they are less common and popular with the organic community.

Tips for First Time Vegan Buyers

  1. Make sure you do your homework to ensure the product you are considering is certified vegan
  2. Those with skin sensitivities of any kind should look for products that are hypoallergenic and maybe even organic on top of that.
  3. Make sure you read the fine print! Many companies get away with calling a product hypoallergenic and organic as long as the percentage of harmful chemicals is below a certain level.
  4. Vegan and cruelty-free do not always come hand in hand. Again, this is a marketing ploy that allows many companies to get away with saying their product is cruelty-free when in fact it is not. It all comes down to a matter of the type of animal used for testing, and what products (ingredients) are being used on the animals, which is why you must do your homework.
  5. Organic is almost always the better choice if you can swing the few extra dollars.
  6. Naturally scented and free of dyes/artificial perfumes is a great option for skin sensitivities.

Time to Buy!

Vegan, cruelty-free fabric softener is the ideal choice for everybody on this big, beautiful planet that we share.

I commend you on taking these steps towards finding replacements for your standard household products and hope this article served its purpose for you!

Remember to do your homework, read the fine print, and pay attention to what your skin needs (or doesn’t need!) as you make the switch to a more compassionate fabric softener!

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