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The 90s was all about lip liner, the 00s saw the rise and fall of the sparkly lip gloss, and in the 10s, we’re all talking about eyebrows. From big and defined to chic and sleek, sharp eyebrows are the number one statement piece for anyone from high fashion catwalk models to breakout Instagram stars.

With a thousand different products out there, from gels, powders, pens, brushes and shapers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Let’s go back to basics here and talk about the number one essential product for eyebrows.

The classic brow pencil.

All the products featured in this article are vegan & cruelty-free – let’s begin!

BH Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil

BH Cosmetics has a diverse range of brow perfecting products, of which this awesome Studio Pro is a star. It’s a long-lasting pencil that allows you to fill out your brown with ultimate precision. It comes with a spooley end for a well blended natural look.

What We Like

It’s waterproof, vegan and paraben-free, which makes it ideal for the sensitive brow area. It’s also highly efficient, and because it comes in different shades, it’s perfect for tanned skin with natural or colored eyebrows.

What We Didn’t Like

Though the product is a great choice, it doesn’t seem to come with a lot of pencil.  Also, some reviewers note that if you build up too much product, it can drag a little and be spotty – be sure to have a light hand with application.

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Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil, Dark Brown 02 1 ea

Milani Easy Brow Automatic Pencil

Milani has a wide range of products to suit your brow needs. The best of which is the automatic pencil. No sharpening required with this mechanical pencil. It has a water resistant, smooth formula designed to fill small gaps in your natural brows and withstand long, humid days. There’s a spoolie attached to allow you to create professional, well-groomed looks with the convenience of a single product at an affordable price.

What We Like

We love the fact that this pencil is mechanical. It’s much easier when you don’t have to worry about your pencil being blunt, creating inconsistent looks or turning your house upside down when you’re looking for the pencil sharpener. Because the pencil is so soft, it is easy to fill in significant gaps quickly and efficiently.

What We Didn’t Like

The downside of the soft pencil is that it’s difficult to create thin lines that look like natural hair and is better for those who want to fill in brows quickly with less attention to detail. Also, blonds should be aware that the Milani shades are more suited for those with darker hair and because of their warm tone, the lighter shades can appear red or auburn. This is a win for the red-heads among us but a loss for all the blonds out there.

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e.l.f. Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil Neutral Brown 0.06 oz

Elf Instant Lift Brow Pencil

With the convenience of one product, you can shape, define and fill in your brows with ELF’s Instant Lift Brow Pencil and mould your brows into your desired shape with the spoolie on the other end. When it comes to value, nothing can compare to ELF’s prices.

What We Like

Detailed oriented people will love the fine pencil, perfect for creating hair-thin lines giving the illusion of naturally full brows.

What We Didn’t Like

Unfortunately there are only three shades available to choose from here, all of them brunette. This means tough luck for blonds, red-heads, and darker-haired people, not to mention anyone desiring custom shades. For more color choices, try Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics or Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil, Trick

OCC Cosmetic Colour Pencil

OCC have one multi-purpose pencil for everything. Lip liners, eye liners, brow pencils. Maybe you want to draw random multi-colored lines on your face for some reason.

Hey, not my business.

Either way, OCC have got you covered with shades like ‘BLACK DAHLIA’, ‘TARRED’ and ‘SYBIL’ to match your natural brow color, or you can opt for a sci-fi fantasy and dye your brows neon with ‘POOL BOY’, ‘GRANDMA’ or ‘ANIME’. These pigment-heavy pencils pack a punch. They’re made to last, and they’ll certainly make you stand out in a crowd.

What We Like

The colors are what make OCC unique compared to the other brands on our list. If you want vibrant, custom brow colors, look no further. We love the simplicity of this product too. There’s no fancy gels, brushes or wands here, just a simple, multi-purpose pencil you can also use to line your lips. The complexity is reserved for what really matters – the consumers creative freedom and oh my, you can certainly go crazy with those colors.

What We Didn’t Like

Some reviewer note that the product is a bit small and can be hard to apply.

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ZUZU LUXE Cream Brow Pencil (Russet - Dark Blonde/Medium Brown), Effortlessy sculpt and define eyebrows, natural finish, creamy formula. Natural, Paraben Free, Vegan, Gluten-free,Cruelty-free, Non GMO, 0.044 oz.

Zuzu Luxe - Cream Brow Pencil

Zuzu Luxe is a brand with a vision to bring out a woman’s natural beauty by using organic, gluten-free ingredients. Their brow pencil comes in a variety of colors to suit different hair tones.

What We Like

The Zuzu Luxe brow pencil is soft making it easy to apply. We also love the fact this brand uses non-toxic ingredients, making it one of the greenest product on the market and suitable for those with sensitive skin.

What We Didn’t Like

Because the pencil is so soft, some people have experienced it dwindling down quicker than they’d like. As it is one of the cheaper options on our list we don’t mind so much and know plenty of people would happily stock up in bulk to support a more natural brand.

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Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. Soft Brunette Shade Mechanical Eyebrow Pencil for Shaping and Filling. Cruelty-Free and Vegan

hourglass ARCH Brow Sculpting Pencil

For luxurious makeup of high quality, try Hourglass’s brow sculpting pencil. It combines the effects of wax, pencil, and powder in one handy, easy-to-use product. Though slightly more expensive than all the other products on our list, Hourglass’s product will leave you with the most natural-looking eyebrows, perfect for fooling friends that you wake up every day with your brows on fleek.

What We Like

With brow pencils, it’s easy for eyebrows to look as if they have been filled in with harsh, block-color, but with Hourglass’s fine lines and curves, you can tailor yours to look as natural as possible without too much effort. Natural brow fans will love this product the most.

What We Didn’t Like

Hourglass is definitely the most expensive brand on our list and might be too far out of some people’s budgets. If this is the case, for a natural-looking brow pencil without the high price tag, opt for ELF.

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What Makes a Great Vegan Brow Pencil?

Makeup is a fun way for us to express ourselves through trends and brows are certainly the main focus of this decade. If you’re unsure where to start, a sturdy brow pencil is the easiest, safest option. If you fall in love along the way, there’s a lot more products for you out there too.

But what makes a great vegan brow pencil?

Firstly, it needs to be a great product by itself. Does it have durability? Is it pigmented enough? Does it match your natural brow color? Do you even want it to match your natural brow color? All of these things need to be taken into consideration.

Luckily, just because a product is vegan and cruelty-free does not mean you’re missing out on quality. Animal ingredients do not make for better products so remember to look out for the Leaping Bunny cruelty-free logo and the big vegan V every time you shop.

Hopefully this guide helped you find the perfect vegan brow pencil to suit your needs, no matter what your style or budget is. May your brows be sleek, stylish and always on point. Good luck and happy shopping!

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