Best Vegan Cruelty Free Bronzers

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The struggle to find good quality vegan beauty products that actually work is real! Especially when it comes to bronzers.

Luckily for you, we’ve done some research to find the best vegan bronzers on the market that not only give your skin a glowing sun-kissed tan but also leave you feeling good about making choices that positively impact your skin, the animals, and the environment.

In this article, we’ve specifically featured bronzer products that are both vegan and cruelty-free. Mainly because the vegan certification ensures that no harmful chemicals or animal derivatives were used, and the cruelty-free stamp is confirmation that no animals were harmed or used for testing during the manufacturing process.

Here are just five of our favorite top vegan and cruelty-free bronzers that truly work their magic.

BH Wild and Radiant Baked Illuminating and Bronzing Palette

BH Cosmetics Bronzing Palette

From BH’s innovative range comes this oil-free and non-irritating bronzer that’ll leave you looking sun-kissed all year round. It comes in four luminous shades to suit every skin tone. It’s also highly pigmented and can be used on your face and all over your body.


  • Super easy to blend for a natural look
  • It comes in four shimmery shades to compliment both fair and dark skin tones
  • You can use it on your face and your body
  • You can use them on wet or dry skin
  • The gentle ingredients make it a perfect choice for sensitive skin types
  • It intensifies the contours of your face while highlighting your best features
  • These will give you a natural glow with no orangey tint


  • This product doesn’t come with a brush, which would’ve been ideal

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Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder Medium Deep Matte Bronzer .35 oz

Too Faced Bronzing Powder

Too faced is an all-natural range of cosmetics products from a brand that’s committed to cruelty-free production practices. They use innovative and naturally vegan ingredients, eschewing the use of traditional and often harmful ingredients commonly used in the cosmetics industry.

Their sweet smelling bronzing powder naturally evens out the skin tone while giving you a classic sun-kissed look that matches your natural tan. Although it is recommended that you use the best shade for your skin tone, i.e. the Chocolate Soleil for darker skin and a lighter shade like Milk Chocolate for fairer skin.


  • You can use it on your entire body and face for an even skin tone
  • It gives you a natural tan without that tell-tale orange hue
  • The light formulation of this powder makes it suitable for sensitive skin
  • The lighter shades of this vegan bronzer comes in a neutral tone that’ll adapt well with your skin tone
  • This powder is great for creating a shine-free and natural looking glow
  • You can apply just one layer for a nice shimmer or add a few more layers for a truly golden glow
  • Great for contouring – even for newbies!


  • Unfortunately, this product doesn’t work well with VERY pale skin, as it tends to oxidize over time, causing the skin to go orange
  • The scent might smell a bit play-doughy for those with sensitive noses
  • It doesn’t come with an applicator, which is quite disappointing when considering the products’ slightly steep price

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The Body Shop Baked-To-Last, Bronzer 01

The Body Shop Baked-To-Last Bronzer

As a vegan and cruelty-free brand with fair trade business practices, The Body Shop doesn’t disappoint with this ‘Baked to last’ bronzer. This one comes in two complementary shades to give you a luminous and natural glow.

You’ll love the long-lasting coverage of this slow baked bronzer. According to some reviewers, it can last for up to eight hours, enough time for you to glow like a sun-kissed goddess as you enjoy sundowners and dance the night away this summer.


  • Comes in two shimmering shades that give a slight sparkle and glow to the skin that looks natural and effortless
  • Long wearing coverage lasts for the whole day
  • Brings some much-needed color to fair and pale complexions after a long winter
  • The subtle shimmer gives you a natural glow without the orange tinge
  • It offers full coverage on its own so you can wear it without foundation or make-up if you like
  • Contains vitamins A, E and marula oil to nourish and protect the skin, while giving it a soft glow


  • The glitter flakes make it a bit too shimmery for more mature skin types
  • Also doesn’t work well on darker skin types, tends to take on an uneven consistency on the skin
  • The packaging case is fragile here as well, so handle with care

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Au Naturale Pure Powder Bronzer Powder Blush by Clean Beauty Revolution - Highlighter Makeup for Women - 100% Natural, Vegan Foundation Makeup Cosmetics Facial Bronzing Powder - USA

Au Naturale Organic Bronzer

The Au Naturale cosmetics range was created by Ashley Prange, a former nuclear analyst whose skin suffered from frequent breakouts and irritation. So she set out to create a range of products made from ethically sourced, natural and organic ingredients that would replace the harsh makeup products that she so loved. And that’s how this vegan and cruelty-free makeup enterprise was born.

Au Naturale has since created a #cleanbeautyrevolution that provides women with a vast range of clean, healthy and guilt-free alternatives to add to their beauty regime. One that includes this fabulous long-wearing, clump-free organic bronzer.


  • Provides excellent coverage that will go well with your tan during the summer months
  • Gives off a clean, natural looking shimmer to the skin
  • Provides full coverage, so one layer is usually enough to provide the desired effect
  • Hassle-free, streak-free and smooth application- it doesn’t cake
  • It’s stain free and odor free, meaning no harsh chemical fragrances are added
  • It lasts for the whole day, brightening your complexion along the way


  • Unfortunately, this cruelty-free bronzer doesn’t go well with extremely pale complexions and tends to lend an orange-ish tint when applied to pale skin
  • The loose consistency of the powder can make it difficult to know when you’ve applied the right amount, but rest assured that less is definitely more
  • It’s not a budget-breaker, but it’s not cheap either

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e.l.f. Studio Baked Bronzer 83361 St. Lucia

e.l.f. Studio Baked Bronzer

This lovely oven-baked bronzer is made using a long lasting formula with hydrating ingredients like jojoba oil, rose, sunflower and grape extract for maxim nourishment and a luxurious finish.

E.l.f. uses these and other nourishing natural ingredients with a commitment to cruelty-free manufacturing and an emphasis on providing quality glamor cosmetics at an affordable price point.

Fun Fact- Elf stands for Eyes, Lips, Face


  • The fruity botanical fragrance is to die for!
  • It comes at an affordable price point
  • It applies easily and blends well for pale complexions
  • It comes in a versatile shade that can double as an eyeshadow
  • It works well for most complexion types and will give your skin a shimmery sun-kissed glow


  • Some users report the delicate case breaks quite easily, breaking the powder inside and making it flaky difficult to apply
  • It only provides partial coverage and requires a foundation to balance it properly
  • This can be too glittery for someone who prefers a subtle shimmer

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UD Beached Bronzer- Sunkissed

Urban Decay Beached Bronzer

The Beached Bronzer has a light and silky consistency, perfect for full body coverage, and it doesn’t streak or burn in the sun. All it does is impart a healthy and natural looking glow that’ll leave your skin with a superbly glowing tan.

This vegan bronzer comes in a beautifully decorated compact with its own mirror for easy on-the-go application. And Urban Decay’s commitment to using only natural and organic minerals with no animal testing has earned this brand a spot on PETA’s favorite cosmetics list.


  • It applies easily with a smooth, silky finish
  • It lasts the whole day without burning your skin or turning it orange
  • You can use it for your face and your entire body
  • The creamy texture will give your face a more dimensional look as opposed to using foundation
  • It gives a natural glow to fair skin types that is not easily found in other bronzers
  • This cruelty-free bronzer comes in really trendy and colorful compact packaging. It screams of luminous summer days filled with mystery and adventure


  • The maple fragrance might bother you if you’re sensitive to smell
  • It might be expensive for some but well worth the price

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How To Find The Right Bronzer For Your Skin Tone

Choosing the right bronzer could mean the difference between having an all year glow and looking like an orange Oompa Loompa. Here are some tips to help you find the right shade of bronzer for your skin tone:

  • For Pale Skin: Choose a multi-colored bronzer with pastel hues, like blushing pinks and fluorescent beige, etc. A mix of these will give you a believable tan and a shine-free glow without looking cakey.
  • For Olive Skin: Bring out our inner glow with warm gold and peach like colors to even out your skin tone and amplify your natural color, especially during the cold winter months.
  • For Medium Skin: Go for earthy medium colors like shimmering copper and ultra light browns for a naturally tanned look.
  • For darker skin: Your best bet here is to opt for a glitter free matte bronzer, as a shimmery one will most likely make you look ashy. Terra-cotta or chocolatey shades are the perfect way to getting a glowing reflection.

To Wrap Up

These brands prove that making the world a better place through your values as a vegan, shouldn’t cost you your beauty regime. On the contrary, choosing to buy vegan and cruelty-free is a statement of inner as well as outer beauty, and exposes you to brands that use some of the highest quality ingredients on the market.

What’s even more awesome is that some of these brands commit to the highest quality standards, while maintaining fair trade agreements that benefit underprivileged communities around the world. All the more reason for you to feel proud of your decision to consider the integrity of other animals and the future of our planet in your shopping decisions.

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