Vegan Birthday Candles (Replacements & Alternatives)

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If there’s one tradition that I’m sure almost everybody loves, it’s having cake on your birthday!

Of course, you can’t have birthday cake without birthday candles!

Surprisingly, the majority of candles available on the market today are not vegan-friendly. This is due to manufacturers incorporating beeswax, stearic acid (a fatty acid derived from animals), and tallow (pure animal fat) into their birthday candles.

Not only is it cruel, I also don’t want dyed animal fat melting onto my birthday cake!

But lucky for those of us who are vegan, there are some alternatives out there and not just in candle form.

So let’s see how we can make your next brithday special AND cruetly-free. 😉

Alternatives You Can Purchase

Goodlight Vegan Birthday Candles

1. Goodlight Vegan Birthday Candles

Goodlight is a small, all natural, vegan candle company that offers four different packs of birthday candles in a variety of colors (white, rainbow, shades of purple, and shades of blue). Each pack contains twelve, unscented birthday candles that burn for up to 5 minutes and are vegan and compostable.

All of Goodlight’s birthday candles are made up of 100% palm wax and are paraffin-free. The candle boxes are 100% recyclable and even made up of vegetable-based inks!

According to the company’s website, the rainbow candles are made with non-toxic dyes that make up less than one percent of the candle, but they say nothing about the three other color choices. If you have any concerns about the dyes, you can always reach out to the company!

Unique Flashing Happy Birthday Cake Decoration, 4.5' x 3.5', Multicolor

2. Multicolor Flashing 'Happy Birthday' Cake Topper

If you are willing to veer off the traditional route of candles, this electronic cake topper is a super fun option for any child’s (or big kid adults!) birthday cake. The cake topper is completely void of any animal products seeing as it is electronic. With three color changing settings that flash like little twinkling lights throughout the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” phrase, children are sure to get a kick out of this piece!

For an extra special kick, you can purchase several of these toppers and use them as decorations at a party or stick them in every birthday treat you have! After all, what kid doesn’t like things that light up!

Happy Birthday Cake Topper, Crystal Rhinestones on Silver Metal, Party Decorations, Favors

3. Happy Birthday Crystal Rhinestone Cake Topper

Sticking with the non-traditional route, girly-girls, or anyone who enjoys a little bit of bling, will love this rhinestone embroidered, metal cake topper that reads “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” in large font.

What’s unique about this option is that the cake toppers are handmade out of a high-quality metal that will last years to come. There are no waxes or fillers used in this product, keeping it within the vegan category even though it is not the standard candle option you may be used to. The company makes several other birthday-themed cake toppers in this design as well, some of which come in gold.

LED Taper Candle Lights - 6 Pack, 5 inch White Plastic Flameless Candles, Battery Operated, Warm White Flickering Flames, Window Decoration - Remote and Batteries Included

4. Resin Drip Taper Candles with Timer

If you were hoping to find something that more closely resembles the traditional birthday candle, then this is a great option for you. These electronic candles are made out of a hard, durable plastic that allows them to last for several years.

The faux-drip detailing on the candles adds to the overall birthday vibe because we all know children take way too long to blow out their candles, but in this case, there will be no wax dripping onto the cake!

By far the coolest aspect of this option is the remote control that allows users to choose between eight lighting options. So when it’s time to blow out the candle, just hit the power button to turn the candle on and then again to turn it off after that big huff! Each candle comes with a single LED light and a set of two AA batteries per candle.

Make Your Own!

For all you creative, DIY types, you could always make your own vegan candles from scratch for a more personalized option! It’s actually very simple to make vegan birthday candles. Here is what you will need:

  • Birthday themed silicone mold.  I recommend letters, numbers, or simple shapes like stars and hearts.
  • Vegan wax melts. I recommend using soy or palm melts that are unscented.
  • A box of toothpicks. You can find these at your local grocery store.
  • A pack of soy wax dipped candle wicks.

Now follow these simple steps:

  1. Melt the wax in a double boiler as you would with chocolate.
  2. Pour the wax into the molds
  3. Place the wick on top of the wax leaving about an inch on top for lighting.
  4. Trim the remaining chord off so that only the bit on top is visible.
  5. From there you will let the wax cool and harden.
  6. Once the wax is hard, you can pop the molds out and gently push a toothpick into the bottom of the mold, and you’re set!

The best part about making your own candles is that you can customize the candles by adding different colors, glitter, rhinestone, etc. to fit the theme of your party.

Tip: there are several how-to articles online if you prefer a different method for making the candles.

Birthday Cake the Vegan Way

Going vegan does not have to mean that you can’t have just as much birthday fun as anyone else. With several vegan-friendly alternatives available, your party (or your child’s party) is sure to impress!

Electronic candles make a great alternative to traditional non-vegan candles with their visual appeal being similar to an actual candle, while colorful or glittery cake toppers make a beautiful addition to any birthday cake!

If none of those options suit you, just make your own birthday candles and wow your friends and family at the next birthday gathering.

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