Are Sweetarts Vegan?

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SweeTARTS are a popular candy brand, known for their tangy, sweet-and-sour flavor.

They come in various forms, including chewy candies and small hard tablet-like candies, and are recognized for their vibrant colors and distinct tart taste.

Sweetarts Original

But what we really want to know:

Are Sweetarts Vegan?

Answer: Yes. Based on the manufacturer’s ingredient list, SweeTARTS would be considered vegan.

There are, however, some ingredients that should be taken into consideration.

Read on for more details.

Sweetarts Ingredient List

  1. Dextrose
  2. Maltodextrin
  3. DL-Malic Acid
  4. Less Than 2% of Calcium Stearate
  5. Natural Flavors
  6. Blue 1 Lake
  7. Blue 2 Lake
  8. Red 40 Lake
  9. Yellow 5 Lake

Ingredients of Concern

It can be derived from either plant or animal sources. But, in the context of food, it is usually plant-derived for cost reasons. Although it can’t be definitively stated without information from the manufacturer, it’s generally considered vegan.

This term can refer to ingredients derived from both plant and animal sources. However, in the case of SweeTARTS, the flavors are likely plant-derived, as they are in many candies. But without specific information from the manufacturer, there’s a slight possibility that they could be non-vegan.

Variations: Blue 1 Lake, Blue 2 Lake, Red 40 Lake, Yellow 5 Lake

These are synthetically derived and do not contain animal products. However, It’s worth mentioning as some people who follow a strict vegan lifestyle avoid certain food colorings due to the potential for animal testing.

The Verdict

Based on the manufacturer’s ingredients list, it’s likely that SweeTARTS Original’s are vegan.

However, it’s always a good idea to check with the manufacturer if you follow a strict vegan lifestyle or if you want to be absolutely sure, as formulations can change and some ingredients can be derived from different sources.

The struggle is real.

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