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A Vegan’s Guide to Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 Vegan

The importance of vitamin B12 in every diet cannot be overstated. Not only does this vital nutrient carry out a lot of important tasks within your body, but the deficiency in this vitamin can cause serious, sometimes fatal side effects. Because plant-based foods do not provide adequate amounts of B12…

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Vitamix 5200 Review (Real User Experience)

Though purchasers have a variety of options when it comes to buying a high-powered blender, Vitamix always comes out a top brand – and with good reason. Powerful enough to crush ice and heat soup, durable enough to last for 30+ years with proper use, and an amazing…

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Best Vegan Zinc Supplements

BlueBonnet Zinc Picolinate Vegetarian Capsules

Zinc is something of a multi-tasker, helping boost the immune system, efficiently heal wounds, and even fine-tuning senses like smell and taste. For vegans looking to get their zinc from foods, there are plenty of plant-based sources high in this essential mineral, including tofu, tempeh, nuts, seeds,

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Is Breast Milk Vegan?

Do Vegans Breastfeed

Raising a child is difficult enough. Add the decision to raise that child vegan on top, and suddenly it seems like everyone you meet is an expert on pediatric nutrition. One low-hanging fruit decision you can answer right away?

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Choosing the Best Vegan BCAA Supplements

Micro Ingredients Plant-Based Pure BCAA

Next to protein powders, BCAAs – or branch chain amino acids – are the most popular addition to an athlete’s supplement stack. That’s because BCAAs are the “building blocks” of muscles, making up 35% of our muscle mass and essential for molecular growth and development…

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