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Top 4 Vegan Coffee Creamer Alternatives

Many vegans find traditional soy, rice, or almond milk too thin when it comes to their morning cup of coffee. Fortunately, companies have recognized this demand and have released a number of creamers. These are richer and more satisfying being specifically designed for your morning brew.

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How to Choose the Best Tofu Press

Preparing tofu is a lot like playing the guitar – anybody can do it, but it takes practice, research, and dedication to truly master the craft. In my earliest days of working with tofu, I didn’t do much (read: anything) to prepare it for recipes. I’d cube a block fresh from the package…

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The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Iron Sources

It seems like just about every other nutrient gets a bigger share of the spotlight than humble iron. Advertisers are all about the protein and fat content, calcium for bones; heck even fiber gets more recognition than iron! Although this micronutrient gets B-list treatment from the food and nutrition world.

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Is Chocolate Vegan? Can I Eat It?

vegan chocolate

With a name that translates directly to “the food of the gods”, Theobroma cacao, better known to us as “chocolate,” has been enjoyed for millennia as everything from a bitter brewed tea to a creamy cold treat on summer afternoons. In addition to its rich history, dark chocolate comes with..

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