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10 Delectable Vegan Quiche Recipes Without Tofu

Flourless Vegan Vegetable Quiche

Quiche is the ultimate impressive brunch food – a perfect way to start your Sunday. Is there anything more elegant than tender, savory filling chock full of veggies in a flaky crust? Though the traditional recipe calls for eggs, it’s easy to veganize quiche. By using a plant-based food for the eggs…

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33 Best Vegan Books for 2017

Vegan Stoner Cookbook

We hear every day from health professionals and major media outlets that veganism is the best way forward for the future – for the animals, for our bodies, and for our planet. But if you’ve lived most of your life eating and wearing animal products, making the switch can be challenging and overwhelming.

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Soy Candle Making Kits: Ultimate Buying Guide

Burning Wick Candles Soy Candle Wax Making Kit

Whether used for light, aroma, or ambiance, candles are a cozy and practical addition to your overall home decor or preparedness kit. While it may seem that the candle store in your local shopping mall is the only place you can purchase beautiful soy candles, these little luminaries…

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