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Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Vegans

Subscription boxes are the next big thing – it seems like any items, from shoes to snacks, you can get delivered in a convenient little box to your work or home. There’s logic behind this – first, and maybe most importantly, we’re busy people. Between work, responsibilities at home…

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4 Best Vegan-Friendly Mouthwashes

Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse By Dale Audrey

Today I want to talk to you about Vegan Mouthwash. If you are making the switch from an animal based diet to a vegan one, there is more to consider than just the food you are eating. Many cosmetics and body care products also include ingredients derived from animals.

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Surprising Facts About the Dairy Industry

Veal Crates

Some of the most common questions I still get about veganism are about dairy – namely, why cut something out of your lifestyle if the animal isn’t killed to make it, like in the case of meat or silk? The truth is that just because the killing doesn’t happen up front, doesn’t mean that…

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