4 Best Vegan-Friendly Mouthwashes

Today I want to talk to you about Vegan Mouthwash.

If you are making the switch from an animal based diet to a vegan one, there is more to consider than just the food you are eating.

Many cosmetics and body care products also include ingredients derived from animals. If you want to be able to make the switch to vegan and cruelty free products - you’ll have to look further than your local supermarket.

When it comes to dental hygiene, there are plenty of vegan brands available, most of which you’ll be able to find easily on Amazon and today I am going to talk you through some of our top picks.

List of Vegan Mouthwash Brands

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JASON Natural Healthy Mouth Naturally Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash
JASON Natural Healthy Mouth Naturally Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash NEW
JASON Natural Healthy Mouth Naturally Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash
Desert Essence; Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash NEW


Dale Audrey

Jason Natural


Desert Essence


Oral Pull / Mouthwash







Dale Audrey®

Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse - Our Top Pick!

Ayurvedic Oral Pulling Rinse By Dale Audrey

Dale Audrey's Oral Pulling Rinse gets our top pick in the vegan mouthwash category and it's easy to see why - it checks all 3 of our boxes - It has antiseptic properties, it's Flouride-Free (Yay!) and it also works to help whiten teeth.

This product is different to the other 3 on our list in one big way - it’s not mouthwash as we would traditionally think of it. This is an oral pull, which essentially stems from the ancient Ayurvedic belief that swishing oil around the mouth will ‘pull’ toxins from the mouth and provide a daily detox.

But contrary to what you might think, this product will actually replace your daily mouthwash and once you try it, you most likely won't want to go back.  It leaves your mouth feeling fresh for a lot longer then ordinary mouthwashes. ​

Dale Audrey is passionate about it’s oral care, and believes firmly that we should only be putting natural substances in our mouth. Their whole range of oral care is non-toxic, and they are a huge advocate against animal testing. They also use sustainable energy and recycled products to help do their bit for the environment.

They source the best ingredients which are vegan, gentle and cruelty-free- and use these to formulate oral care products which are raved about by many dentists and oral care experts. This oral pull is the perfect product to round off our list of vegan mouthwashes

Key Ingredients

Neem and Myrrh - act as the natural antiseptics in this rinse, helping to protect and prevent infections. Myrrh

Clove - is used to help prevent bad breath, as well as providing a powerful soothing agents for any irritation or inflamed gum problems.

Pomegranate extract - is a helpful antiplaque ingredient, and Oil of Oregano helps to provide a medicinal effect within the oral rinse.

How to Use

To use the oral pull you simply have to swish the mixture through your mouth for up to 20 minutes, and it is not harmful if you accidently swallow some of it. This takes on the traditional mouth cleansing methods of many ancient peoples, and bring it into the modern day with antibacterial properties.

Things We Like

  • High quality ingredients
  • Highly recommended by many people
  • Provides a fresh mouth feeling which lasts for a long time
  • Has great healing powers for gum disease and cavities

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some people report that holding the rinse in the mouth for a long period isn’t pleasant
  • The taste may not be to everyone’s liking

JĀSÖN Healthy Mouth®

Tartar Control Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash

JASON Natural Healthy Mouth Naturally Bacteria-Fighting Mouthwash NEW

Up next in our line up is Jason's Healthy Mouth Tartar Control Cinnamon Clove Mouthwash.

Jason is one of the most popular vegan dental care brands, and this mouthwash is a great addition to our list.

Jason itself means ‘healer’ in Greek, and it was formed after their founders decided that we shouldn’t need harsh and abrasive chemicals in order to have a healthy and happy body.

They gather the most wholesome ingredients and combine them together to create the best quality products, cruelty free and vegan. And they are committed to offering the best personal care products which are safer for us and the planet.

Key Ingredients

This cruelty-free mouthwash is made with a mixture of grapefruit and perilla seed extracts which combine together to fight against tartar build up in the mouth, helping to curb bad breath.

With this, it also contains clove and cinnamon which help to freshen your breath and keep the mouth clean.

Aloe Vera acts as a soothing agent, to gently clean the gums whilst also soothing any irritation or infection which may be present.

Tea Tree Oil is a natural antiseptic and fights against harmful bacteria within your mouth, leading to a healthier smile.

Things We Like

  • Quick healing for infected gums
  • You can dilute this 2:1, so effectively get 2 bottles out of 1
  • Keeps the pH of the mouth at the right level
  • Doesn’t contain alcohol or any other harmful chemicals

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some say it tastes strongly of cinnamon, so may be an acquired taste
  • Some have said it leaves a sugary residue in the mouth


Ultimate Daily Rinse

Eco- Dent Daily Rinse Ultimate Essential Mouth Care

Eco-Dent Ultimate Daily Rinse contains a combination of 12 essential oils to provide the ultimate mouth rinse daily.

This mouthwash is recommended by dentists and includes an oral wound healer and debriding agent.

Eco Dent is a Member of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) for Cruelty-Free Products, ensuring that none of their products are tested on animals.

Key Ingredients

Echinacea is used as a natural antiseptic to fight off nasty bacteria and prevent gum disease.

Baking Soda provides powerful cleaning action, fighting off plaque and preventing tartar build up, for a cleaner mouth.

Things We Like

  • Treats and Prevents Gum Infections
  • Can be diluted to last longer
  • Debrides (takes off dead skin) to allow fast healing of ulcers

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some have reported that it can burn the mouth a little

Desert Essence 

Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash

Desert Essence; Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash NEW

Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Mouthwash provides a natural and effective cleanse for the mouth and is a great addition to your oral hygiene routine.

When used every day, this can help to reduce tartar buildup and prevent gum disease, while refreshing your mouth and gums.

Desert Essence have a simple motto: beauty is natural, and nature is beautiful. They base their whole business around this thought and are conscious in sourcing only the best ingredients to use in their products.

A stance against animal cruelty is a large part of the company's philosophy, and only using the most natural, vegan ingredients is paramount.

All of their products are biodegradable and packaging recyclable- because they believe that the planet must be preserved and looked after as best we can. They use renewable energy within their offices too, using the wind as their power source.

Key Ingredients

Tea Tree is a natural antiseptic, and will help to combat and fight any bacteria within the mouth and reduce tartar build up.

Witch Hazel Distillate provides a natural way of soothing a sore throat and reducing inflammation of the gums.

Spearmint Oil provides a fresh minty taste while fighting bad breath, leaving the mouth freshen and clean.

Things We Like

  • No harsh burn from alcohol in the mouth
  • A little goes a long way
  • It tastes minty and fresh
  • Great for fighting ulcers and infection

Things We Don’t Like

  • Some have reported it tastes a little too sweet
  • It may be a little too strong for some

Buying Guide: Mouthwash Brands Which Aren’t Cruelty-Free or Vegan

Unfortunately, most of the brands we all know and love aren’t cruelty free, or vegan. This makes it pretty difficult when shopping for great vegan body care.

Below I have listed the common brands which are not vegan.

  • Aim
  • Aquafresh
  • Close-up
  • Colgate*
  • Crest
  • Listerine
  • Mentadent
  • Pearl Drops
  • Reach
  • Scope
  • Sensodyne
  • Signal

*Some products are also owned by Colgate-Palmolive - for example Procter & Gamble, Church & Dwight, and Johnson & Johnson. These brands are most likely to be tested on animals. However, as with any rule there are exceptions such as Tom’s of Maine (which is owned by Colgate-Palmolive while remaining cruelty-free).

Vegan Friendly Ingredients to Look For

Baking Soda

This is used in many DIY types of mouthwash and toothpaste and is great for getting rid of stubborn plaque and also acts as a whitener for your teeth.

Tea Tree Oil

As a natural antiseptic, this is an excellent addition to any oral care you may have. It provides gentle but powerful cleansing while fighting off nasty bacteria.

Aloe Vera

This is used as a soothing agent, and helps to reduce inflammation in the gums and can also heal burns. So if you’ve eaten something too hot and burnt your tongue - Aloe Vera is very useful.

Spearmint or Peppermint

Besides from providing that fresh, minty taste we all know and love- these oils are great for fighting halitosis and preventing bad breath.


Clove is used by dentists as a painkiller as it contains eugenol, and they will usually apply this to the teeth while pulling a tooth or applying a filling. As well as an anesthetic, it is also an antiseptic so wipes out germs.

Harmful and Non-Vegan Ingredients to Avoid


Usually derived from plants; sometimes it can be derived from animals. It is important that you check the label of the mouthwash- and if it doesn’t say ‘vegetable glycerin,' then it is advisable to either contact the company or just avoid it.


An artificial sweetener found in a lot of oral care products, and although this is derived from Coal, it can be very harmful. It has been linked to bladder cancer in rats- and in humans, it can cause some side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, allergies and skin problems.

Benzoic Acid

An acid which is found in most vertebrates and also berries. Again, this is an ingredient to avoid if it doesn’t specify the source. In mouthwash it is used as a preservative, so doesn’t add any value to the function of the mouthwash.


As you can see from the selection above, there are plenty of great cruelty-free and vegan mouthwashes out there, and they are very easy to get hold of.

Most big branded mouthwashes don't contain any animal ingredients- it’s the cruelty practises which is the issue in most cases.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to gain insight into what is involved with your oral care and how to avoid using a wash with harmful ingredients.

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