Best Vegan Chewable Multivitamins (Adults & Kids)

Multivitamins are a great supplement to a vegan diet rich in whole foods. But as necessary as they are, they can sometimes be unpleasant. Some vegan multivitamins are big, chalky, and hard to swallow.

It doesn't have to be!

Remember when you were a little kid and looked forward to taking your vitamins?

My mom used to keep a big jar that tasted like tropical fruits, and I would practically beg for them. The chewable tablets made them fun and easy to take.

You're never too old for chewable vitamins!

Chewables are a great option for vegans in all walks of life. It's easy to find chewable vitamins that don't contain animal ingredients - you just need to know what to look avoid.

Top 5 Vegan Chewable Multivitamins

If you wanted, you could spend your time poring over all the vitamin jars at the drug store.

Or, you could browse our Top 5 favorite vegan chewables, and spend your precious time doing something fun!

These chewables will supplement your diet the vegan-friendly way. Choose any one to keep your family healthy.

Nature's Plus Adult's Vegan Multi-Vitamin Chewable


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Nature's Plus Adult's Vegan Multi-Vitamin Chewable

Nature's Plus Chewable Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

On the higher end of the price spectrum, Nature's Plus chewables are high-quality vitamins.

The exotic pineapple flavor makes these a joy to take. They are particularly good for people who struggle to swallow tablets.

These are also a good option for those who have trouble chewing even other chewables.

The pineapple tablets break down easily, making them a good choice for older people. Because they dissolve quickly, they're a safe option, though the tablets are large.

Reviewers report a noticeable change after taking these vitamins. They note things like higher energy and increased alertness. If anything, it helps you ensure you're getting all your required nutrients. It never hurts to have a little insurance, even on the best whole-food vegan diet.

What We Love

The pineapple flavor! No artificial cherry taste here - the pineapple flavor of these vitamins is fun and exotic, and makes people look forward to taking these. Additionally, the energy and mood boost people see from these is worth the price.

We We Didn't Like

These are definitely expensive, so you run the risk of wasting money if you don't like them. Also, the tablets are large, so if you aren't a fan of pineapple, there's no way to take them without tasting them.

Lowest Prices Available on Amazon

Pioneer Chewable Vitamin Tablets

Available on Amazon

The vitamin-mineral tablets from Pioneer come in easy-to-chew wafer shapes.

Two wafers make one serving, so a bottle of 180 tablets lasts you awhile!

These chewable are gluten-free, so they're ideal for people with celiac disease or wheat allergies.

Pioneer's chewables are thoughtfully packaged, which helps them last longer. A dark glass bottle blocks out sunlight, which can denature the vitamins.

The tablets contain an antioxidant blend to keep your body healthy, and they have a mild fruit flavor.

What We Love

The texture and size of these tablets make them easy to chew. They're a good choice for small children or adults with difficulty chewing. Each tablet is about the size of a dime and crumbles without much effort.

We We Didn't Like

Some reviewers in humid climates noted that moisture could be a problem. Keep this in a dry place, or put a cotton ball in the bottle to prevent them from getting soggy.

Lowest Prices Available on Amazon

VegLife Vegan Kids Multiple

Available on Amazon

Another product targeted for kids, VegLife's chewables are a tablet shape. These chewables have a light berry flavor.

The content of the vitamins is made from natural, whole foods. They are also extremely affordable, great for tight budgets and families transitioning to natural foods.

VegLife's tablets use xylitol and sorbitol to sweeten their vitamins. Because they don't contain sugar, they don't promote tooth decay. Though they taste like candy, they won't wreak havoc on teeth.

You can buy VegLife's vitamins in multi-packs of 60- or 120-tablet bottles. This is handy if you want to buy several months' supply at a time, or if you have lots of children in your home. There are two chewable tablets per serving.

What We Love

As far as vegan supplements go, these vitamins are the most budget-friendly we've found. I highly recommend them for people who don't want to spend much. They're also a good choice for families weaning off animal-based foods. Nothing is worse than your kid spitting out and refusing a $25 vitamin!

We We Didn't Like

These tablets are a little on the large side. They're not so big that it makes chewing difficult, but if your child has very few teeth, supervise them. Also, since xylitol is considered safe in small amounts but not recommend in large doses, this might be enough of a factor for you to skip this product.

Lowest Prices Available on Amazon

NutraKids Multivitamin Gummies

Available on Amazon

Vegan kids will go crazy for these!

Each bottle of NutraKids gummies contains strawberry, orange, and pineapple flavors to prevent boredom. Keeping kids nourished is easy when they think their vitamins are candy!

Parents can feel good about giving these vitamins to their kids. They're more than just tasty! The gummies are made in a GMP-certified facility, halal, kosher, gluten-free, and certified organic.

They contain no nasty preservatives or artificial flavors, either.

The gummies are 100% natural and get their gel consistency from apple pectin. They are also completely sugar-free, and don't have any GMOs.

Best of all is that each serving contains just one gummy vitamin. This helps stretch your dollar and keeps you from constantly buying more vitamins. A single bottle of 60 gummies will last one child two whole months.

What We Love

We love that these vitamins are 100% natural. Too often, kids' products are doctored up with chemicals and funky flavors. These chewable vitamins use the goodness of nature to make a perfect gummy.

We We Didn't Like

Some reviewers noted the taste of these vitamins was hard for kids to get used to. Try transitioning from traditional chewables to these, or opt for them if your kids are used to natural products.

Lowest Prices Available on Amazon

NATURELO Chewable Multivitamin

Available on Amazon

The first word that comes to mind about these vitamins is quality. If you’re extremely conscious of what you put in your body, these are the chewables for you.

No weird dyes or artificial flavors here!

All 35 ingredients in the Naturelo chewable multivitamins are plant-based. Instead of synthetic laboratory ingredients, Naturelo uses cherries for Vitamin C, broccoli for folate, and lichen for Vitamin D. The extracts come from healthy veggies like beets, carrots, and spinach.

While these chewables are marketed toward vegan and vegetarian kids, they’re also a great option for adults. Regardless of age, every body can benefit from these 100% plant-based ingredients and vitamins.

Each bottle contains 30 two-tablet servings.

What We Love

Each and every aspect of this chewable vitamin is derived from plants. You can read the nutritional panel and see which organic fruit, vegetable, or plant that each nutrient is derived from. It’s ideal for the eco- and health-conscious family.

We We Didn't Like

The price of these vitamins is, undoubtedly, on the high side. While the supplement is worth the quality, some families may find the price per serving to be beyond their budget.

Lowest Prices Available on Amazon

Common Animal Ingredients in Supplements

You can make life a lot easier and look for vitamins that are clearly labeled "vegan". However, a quick scan of any ingredient list will tell you if a product is vegan-friendly.

Here are three animal ingredients that can sneak their way into supplements.


This is an important one - gelatin isn't even vegetarian. It's made by boiling the feet, bones, and connective tissue of cows and pigs. It adds a thick, gel-like consistency to foods. This makes it popular for coatings and capsules.

Chewable tablets don't usually contain gelatin, but gummies are another story. Instead of gelatin-based gummies, opt for a brand that uses cellulose or pectin.

If a product contains gelatin, it will usually appear first or second on the list of ingredients.


This creepy ingredient is made from crushed beetle shells. It adds a red hue to foods and supplements, and can be used to make Red Dye #40.

Carmine also goes by "cochineal" or "natural red 4". If you see any of these ingredients in the list, you know there's some powdered bug in there.

The bugs used for carmine are harvested in Peru and the Canary Islands. They are sun-dried, crushed, and processed. About 70,000 insects need to die to make a pound of pigment.

Sad and gross!

Magnesium Stearate

This is another ubiquitous ingredient, often functioning as a lubricant or filler.

Magnesium stearate comes from stearic acid. This is a fatty acid usually found in pork, butter, chicken, beef, fish, and milk.

It can be sourced from cocoa and grains. However, unless the company notes that it comes from plants, it's best to leave it on the shelf.

If the ingredient comes from vegan sources, it will almost always be labeled that way.

Vegan Vitamins - Chewable and Fun!

You're never too old for chewable vitamins. And being vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy taking them!

Vegan kids and adults can enjoy tablet and gummy chewable vitamins just like everyone else. By avoiding a few key animal ingredients, you can chew your way through plenty of tasty gummies. Opt for chewables made from apple pectin or cellulose instead of gelatin and carmine.

If you have lots of people picking from the same vitamin bottle, consider a multi-pack option, or buy a few bottles at once. That way, you never get stuck without your morning vitamin.

Getting all the nutrition you need doesn't have to be hard or gross. By adding a fun chewable to your diet, you're taking charge of your health. Even the best plant-based diet can benefit from the addition of a multivitamin.

Making it chewable just makes that process more fun!

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