Best Vegan Leave in Conditioner Brands

Aya Natural Leave-In Conditioner Hair Moisturizer Cream copy

If you use a lot of heat styling, have hair that tangles easily, or just want to provide your locks with an extra dose of moisture, a good leave-in conditioner can be a wise addition to your beauty routine. These light, often inexpensive products carry out a multitude of functions that…

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Are Lays Potato Chips Vegan?

Are Lays Vegan

Most of us have felt the overwhelming sense of relief when we, as vegans, discover that our favorite snacks that we have grown to love over the years are, indeed, ‘accidently’ vegan. Though we can be assured that Oreos, Skittles, and other snacks do not explicably contain animal…

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8 Good Careers and Jobs for Vegans


When leading a vegan lifestyle, it may seem like an unimaginable prospect to work in a career that exemplifies your cruelty-free aspirations. You may think that there are only a limited number of careers suitable for vegans, however, as the list below demonstrates, there is, in fact…

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Top 10 Most Vegan-Friendly Cities for 2017

Los Angeles USA

A decade ago, if an individual practicing a vegan lifestyle decided to travel and visit far-away cities, then they might have had to put their cruelty-free lifestyle on hold before thinking of packing their bags. Nowadays, however, with the spike of interest in a vegan lifestyle in the past ten years.

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