Best Vegan Sausage Brands

Field Roast Sausage Links

While we all know the healthiest vegan diet is one based on whole, nutritious foods, life is about balance. Sometimes you want to be able to eat a familiar food on a bun at a backyard barbecue, or you’re really craving a dish your grandma used to make when you were a kid. For many people, sausage is one of those foods.

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33 Best Vegan Books for 2017

Vegan Stoner Cookbook

We hear every day from health professionals and major media outlets that veganism is the best way forward for the future – for the animals, for our bodies, and for our planet. But if you’ve lived most of your life eating and wearing animal products, making the switch can be challenging and overwhelming.

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Soy Candle Making Kits: Ultimate Buying Guide

Burning Wick Candles Soy Candle Wax Making Kit

Whether used for light, aroma, or ambiance, candles are a cozy and practical addition to your overall home decor or preparedness kit. While it may seem that the candle store in your local shopping mall is the only place you can purchase beautiful soy candles, these little luminaries…

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12 Best Natural & Vegan All-Purpose Cleaners

When one thinks veganism, the idea of all purpose cleaner seems to be the last thing that comes to the mind. However, not all aspects of a cruelty-free lifestyle are about plant-based foods and natural cosmetic products. Your everyday household items are just as important to consider…

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Best Vegan Dog Chews

KONG Goodie Bone Dog Toy

Chewing is an important activity for your family dog – it not only keeps his teeth clean and healthy, but it’s good for him mentally, too! A dog that is able to chew is able to keep his mind occupied and keep him from chewing on inappropriate objects – say, the couch, or your favorite dress shoes.

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Best Vegan Leave in Conditioner Brands

Aya Natural Leave-In Conditioner Hair Moisturizer Cream copy

If you use a lot of heat styling, have hair that tangles easily, or just want to provide your locks with an extra dose of moisture, a good leave-in conditioner can be a wise addition to your beauty routine. These light, often inexpensive products carry out a multitude of functions that…

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