Choosing the Best Organic Wheatgrass Powder Supplement (Guide)

If you are looking for a supplement to boost your immune system, detoxify your body, ward off disease and keep you energized, then this article could be your holy grail.

One of the things proven again and again to be a reliable booster, is Wheatgrass. Wheatgrass juice and powders come from the young grass of the plant Triticum aestivum. It grows in many areas in the US and EU and can live both indoors and outdoors.

This little plant is said to have over 100 elements needed by men and women!

While many people grow their own Wheatgrass, it might be more efficient to add a Wheatgrass powder supplement in your everyday life. It can save you a lot of time and still offer you the same benefits as the fresh juice.

Now that you know the basics about Wheatgrass, let's dive a little deeper into the long list of benefits it can provide you with!

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Benefits of Wheatgrass

✓ Weight Loss

Wheatgrass is known to help control hunger and cravings - it contains little calories; only 5 kcal per ounce, as well as no fat.

A quality that is very noteworthy when it comes to Wheatgrass and weight loss is its ability to stimulate the thyroid gland. In other words, if you suffer from a thyroid condition, whether that is autoimmune or not, Wheatgrass can help you keep it under control and improve your metabolism.

By consuming Wheatgrass juice in either its fresh form or from a powder, you allow your body to absorb the nutrients in a fast and efficient way. That is an excellent way to boost your metabolism and burn excess calories and fat.

✓ Energy Levels

Thanks to its high levels of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals, Wheatgrass is known to boost vitality and energy levels. The high content of vitamins can help you feel energized for longer, increase your stamina and blood circulation.

Because wheatgrass contains vitamins like A, C, E, K, and B complex, as well as iron found in Chlorophyllin, a component of Chlorophyll, it can help reduce fatigue and tiredness.

Wheatgrass has also been found to help with insomnia and sleeping issues, as it can improve your sleeping patterns.

✓ Chlorophyll

Wheatgrass is a great source of Chlorophyll, with its juice containing up to 70% of it. Chlorophyll is an important blood builder that helps increase the production of hemoglobin in the body and can provide the body with a number of benefits. These include protection against cancer, refining, and renewing of cells in the body, as well as having high antibacterial properties.

Another one of its essential qualities is its high concentration of antioxidants. Thanks to this fact, Wheatgrass is considered a very potent superfood when it comes to eliminating free radicals and protecting cells from oxidative damage.

Chlorophyll has also been proven a very effective treatment against Candida Albicans. Infection from Candida can be a problem that takes months to heal and can lead to the appearance of various symptoms like fatigue, depression and digestive issues. Wheatgrass can be a great, plant-based solution to this common issue.

Is Wheatgrass Juice Good For You? Is It Safe?

Wheatgrass is believed to help combat a large number of everyday health conditions such as colds, coughs, fevers and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

It is also known to help improve digestion and therefore tackle digestive issues. Thanks to its high levels of magnesium, it is great for constipation and keeping the bowels open.

What is important to keep in mind is the dosage you will be consuming. Even though Wheatgrass juice hasn't shown any life-threatening side effects when taken in large quantities, it has a strong, bitter taste and can induce nausea and vomiting after large amounts are consumed. Therefore, it is better to start slow when you're still new to the supplement and later on incorporate it in larger doses in your diet.

Some individuals have experienced symptoms such as headaches, hives, nausea or throat swelling right after its consumption. Those can only be described as cases of an allergic reaction to the plant and should always be kept in mind when trying any new supplement.

All in all, the health benefits surpass the potential side effects. If you are mindful with the dosage and don't consume large amounts of it at once, you should be good.

Wheatgrass Powder or Juice; Which is Better?

Wheatgrass in all its forms is extremely beneficial to the body. Opinions of experts on this topic can vary, with some supporting the consumption of the product as soon as it's juiced and others being more in favor of its powder form.

The Juice

As far as its different types are concerned, fresh Wheatgrass contains live enzymes that help fend off viruses and microbes. It also appears to have a higher concentration of Chlorophyll (54mg/serving) and protein (2,5g/serving). When you consume fresh juice, you know exactly where it comes from whether you grow and juice it yourself, or you get it freshly juiced from a store.

The process of growing your own Wheatgrass though can be quite challenging, as it requires space and attendance. Your plant could get moldy and upon consumption cause you some side effects, like the ones mentioned previously.

According to

the U.S. Food and Drug Administration notes that sprouts are a potential source of E. coli or salmonella and there is no good way to eliminate the bacteria other than preventing contamination.

The Powder

On the other hand, the powder can be an easy option if you want to taste all the benefits but have no time to prepare the fresh juice. It is straightforward to consume as you can either have it mixed into water or your favorite smoothie or drink. It also lasts longer than the juice, and if you are traveling, you can easily take it with you.

Wheatgrass powder is just as nutritious as the fresh juice, and it also contains fiber, which can play a significant role in your digestion. If the Wheatgrass is treated properly and dehydrated at the right temperature, it can offer a higher concentration of nutrients compared to the juice, which contains 95% water.

In the end, it all depends on the amount of time you have, the expense and what benefits you're looking for.

Things To Consider When Buying A Supplement

Finding the right supplement can sometimes be a bit tricky, so it is always best to keep in mind your personal needs, time and lifestyle.

The factors presented below are the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for a Wheatgrass powder supplement.

1 - Method

Wheatgrass powder supplements are a great way to get all the benefits of Wheatgrass juice without having to produce it yourself!

Powdered supplements are a lot easier to manage than doing the juicing yourself. They are also a lot easier to consume than having to swallow a capsule and a lot more beneficial, as the end product is usually the closest thing to the original juice.

If you're not that big a fan of its taste, you can easily mix a scoop of powder into your favorite smoothie or drink!

2 - Gluten free

Even though these products contain none of the gluten containing seeds of the Wheatgrass, people with celiac disease, gluten intolerance or sensitivity should be very cautious of the usage of any products containing wheat.

Wheatgrass, even though gluten-free, can possibly be contaminated during the harvesting process and pose a threat to some people.

3 - Calories

Calories in organic wheatgrass powders are always very low. The most important reason to check the calories in these types of supplements is to make sure you are getting as natural a product as possible, without added sugars or other factors.  This will ensure the quality of the supplement and give you the best results.

4 - Raw

The best method of production of Wheatgrass powders is by dehydrating it at low temperatures, right after it has been collected. That is how companies can ensure that the product is as nutrient-dense as possible.

A supplement is considered raw when it has been dehydrated at a temperature no higher than 120F.

5 - Serving Size

Last, but not least, you should always consider the serving size of the product you are about to purchase. When it comes to powders, things tend to be a little easier as, for example, you will not have to swallow a large number of pills.

The only problem that could surface with powder supplements is that some serving sizes can amount for a lot of product (usually more than 4g). In this case, the final product might end up tasting too strong or cause nausea in some people.

Moreover, larger serving sizes could mean that you will get through the amount of product you purchased a lot faster, so based on your needs and also your budget, serving sizes are a good thing to keep in mind.

The Best Wheatgrass Powder Brands - Our 5 Favourites

Naturya organic wheatgrass powder


Amazing Grass

Garden Of Life

Pure Synergy


Terrasoul Superfoods

Cost / Ounce






Serving Size















Purchase from






Amazing Grass - Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Available on Amazon

Amazing Grass grows, harvests and dehydrates their Wheatgrass on a family farm in Kansas. All their products are certified Organic, non-GMO, Vegan, Gluten-free, and they also harvest their own seeds!

This Powder offers around 30 servings in their smaller container and a plethora of vitamins and nutrients in very good amounts, ensuring the quality of the product.

This company offers the product in both powder and tablet form. They also offer some discounts for members and larger orders.

What We Liked

Many of the reviewers were cancer survivors who swear by this product and always keep it in their homes. It has also helped people with allergies reduce their symptoms and feel better overall.

What We Didn't Like

After the "new look" of their packaging, some users felt the nutritional information was not as detailed and clear. You can still see the full description of ingredients on their website.

Available on Amazon

Garden of Life - Raw Organic Perfect Food

100% Organic Wheat Grass Juice

Available on Amazon

Garden of Life is a certified Vegan brand that does not test its products on animals. Their Wheatgrass supplements are also certified Gluten Free, so that opens up the market for people who face problems with Gluten consumption.

This product is also soy free, raw, non-GMO verified and USDA Organic verified. It offers more Chlorophyll in every serving and a plethora of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. It is also low in fat, trans fats, cholesterol, sugars, and sodium.

The Organic Perfect Whole Food Wheat Grass supplements are juiced and then immediately cold-temperature dried, within an hour. This ensures the concentrated nutrients and the quality of the supplement.

Just one scoop of this product equals to 13 shots of Wheatgrass juice!

What We Liked

Reviewers like the fact that this product dissolves completely into water and smoothies and doesn't leave a granular texture. Many already noticed a change in their energy levels and an improvement in their overall health within the first month of usage.

What We Didn't Like

Some people found this product had a taste that was a little too strong, as it is indeed very concentrated.

Available on Amazon

Pure Synergy Organics - Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Available on Amazon

The Synergy Company is located in Moab, Utah and has been privately and family owned and operated since their launch in 1992. They are very committed to using only natural and organic ingredients in their products. They offer supplements that are Vegan, Organic Certified, non-GMO and Gluten Free.

Their Wheatgrass is harvested from organic farmlands, cold washed and then cold juiced. That makes sure that the ingredients are protected and very easy for the body to absorb and digest.

The Synergy Company tries to promote a non-polluting, more diverse and sustainable agricultural system, which ensures high-quality products and the overall health of both the consumers and the planet.

What We Liked

Reviewers have praised this product for its amazing quality and results in their overall health. Many have noticed a change in their energy levels as well as skin conditions not long after starting the usage of the supplement.

What We Didn't Like

The only thing people seemed to not enjoy as much was the taste of the product. A very small number of reviewers reported not seeing fast or noticeable results with the usage of this supplement.

Available on Amazon

Terrasoul Superfoods - Wheatgrass Juice Powder

Available on Amazon

Terrasoul Superfoods offers raw, organic, non-GMO, Vegan superfoods that are dried to preserve their nutrients in their natural state.

Just one serving of this organic powder provides 2.7mg of Iron, 37mg of Calcium, 184g of Potassium and 133mcg of Vitamin K!

The product is grown on an ancient sea bed in the desert of Utah and harvested only at its nutritional peak. After the production of the juice, it is dried at low temperatures, allowing it to maintain all of the live enzymes and phytonutrients of freshly juiced Wheatgrass.

Each plastic container comes in two sizes; 5oz. and 1lb.

What We Liked

Reviewers praise this product and support that it is the closest thing to homegrown. It is a cost effective product and is at the top of the list for most people in regards to freshness and effectiveness.

What We Didn't Like

The only negative things found in some reviews was the strong taste and a feeling of nausea. Also, some reviewers had trouble with closing the zip-lock top on the bag.

Available on Amazon

Naturya organic wheatgrass powder

Naturya - Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Available on Amazon

Naturya is a company that grows its Wheatgrass in rich, organic soil and natural sunlight. They are Certified Organic from the Organic Soil Association, Vegan, and also free of pesticides and fertilizers.

After its harvesting, the grass is cleaned nine times, dried and turned into a powder using freezing air.

Their Recommended Daily Amount is between 10-15g, and just one serving packs more than one-third of the recommended daily Iron intake.

What We Liked

Their products are as natural as can be and reviewers are pleased with both the quality of the product, as well as the delivery time. People were also pleased with the affordable price and the quality of the packaging, as it kept the product fresh.

What We Didn't Like

A few reviewers disliked the taste of the product, but others noticed no strong taste when blended in a smoothie.

Available on Amazon

A Green Drink Like No Other

Wheatgrass powder can ultimately be one of the best choices you can make when it comes to choosing a supplement. Packed with antioxidants, iron, vitamins, and minerals and well as the very powerful Chlorophyll, it can help keep your body strong and energized at all times.

Also, let's not forget that it can help your body heal from the inside out, both detoxifying it and also helping it overcome allergies, skin conditions and other health issues.

Whether you decide to drink it by itself, dissolved in water, or by mixing it in your smoothies or drinks, it is still certain that you will enjoy all the amazing benefits!

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