Monday, October 14, 2013

mobile blogging from Paris

Bonjour mes amis! Just a few quick photos from Paris. More detailed post will follow when I get home. This is my first attempt at mobile blogging - fingers crossed! 

My demo at Paris Vegan Day was tons of fun. Fabulous and fun chocolate diva Fran Costigan and I shared the stage. In between we got to stroll the huge expo. Check out these carved veggies!

Doing a lot of strolling and am uncovering so many of Paris' charming layers of beauty...

Saw swans during my longish run yesterday.

Refueled later at Bhavan Khrushna with Fran and the lovely Elisabeth Batigmolles. I had the ginormous dosa gohbi.

More detailed post soon, including a recap of Paris Vegan Day.


The Peace Patch said...

lol...I love those carved pumpkin/squashy things! I wish I had those kinds of knife skills. Thanks for the mobile updates! :)

Andrea said...

The carvings are amazing but what really caught my eye was the dosa. I've been thinking of making some.

Johanna said...

What fun, Dynise. I must get there some day.

The Veggie Polyglotographer said...

While you're in Paris, if you have the time, check out the vegan restaurants I went to over the summer! I can't remember the names but I'll link to my post- there are some pics of the vegan food I ate :)