Thursday, March 15, 2012

my big, fat vegan birthday and contest winner

The Glendale Motel, Glendale Nevada
Yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I'm 29 again, in case you're wondering – but I feel 25. Really.

Birthdays are no time to practice moderation. F-Stop took me out to dinner. We partied like rock stars, ate until we had no room left, and drank [too many] blood orange margaritas, among other libations. He also surprised me with a hauntingly arresting framed photograph that he made when we were in the Southwest last year. I have always loved this image – the lonesomeness and starkness of the old motel contrasted against that other-worldly iridescent sky. The creepy sense of this place being frozen in time and the voyeuristic feeling you get when you look at it. [Check out more of F-Stop's apocalyptic photos, which center on environmental issues and the mythologies of the Southwest, here.]

But the biggest surprise for me was the birthday cake F-Stop gave me. Not only was it the first time in my adult life that anyone had given me a birthday cake, other than at office birthday parties. But it was also the first time that anyone has given me a vegan cake, birthday or otherwise. I may be old. But I sure am lucky! [Update, 100612: Photo was lost when I transitioned to Google+ :(]

And so is the winner of the Good Karma Flax Milk contest: Bobbie from the Vegan Crew. Congrats, Bobbie, email me with your address.

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Suburban Snow White said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope the cake was as delicious as it looked!

And that photo is very very cool.

foodfeud said...

Happy Birthday! It sounds like a lovely night.

JL goes Vegan said...

Happy birthday, love!

annamaria said...

Happy Birthday! The photo and cake look delicious. The photo almost looks like a photorealist painting.

Mattheworbit said...

Happy Birthday, Dynise! It sounds like you had a fantastic day, and that cake & photo are gorgeous - you're very lucky!